Set up Dutch Romanian Cooperation Platform on Smart City projects

On behalf of a Romanian Group Initiative( including universities, IT&C , transport and logistic, energy and water companies) I am willing to create a Dutch Romanian stakeholder Group in order 1. to assess the development stage and later develop a Dutch Romanian Smart City Cooperation Platform of PROJECTS .
The strategic goal is to develop tools for the local Romanian public authorities to develop and implement Smart Cities adaptive projects in their areas. The business goal is to create more bottom-up cooperation (&start-ups based on new business models) opportunities for Dutch and Romanian SMEs and organizations.
All Dutch SMEs and other organizations interested to explore the business possibilities in the Bucharest (or enlarged Romanian) context are invited to contact me for details on priority sectors and possibilities of finance of such cooperation sectorial projects.


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Tudor Mihai

Hi Ciprian, I am looking to do my thesis research on a topic of smart cities. I am originally from Romania, studying in Amsterdam for the last 3 years and I'm interested to find out more about what you think about some research topics that I could help you with. You can contact me via linkedin link on my profile.

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Beate Bouwman

We are applying smarts ensor technology/IoT in a circular connected residential housing solution. if you like to visit us at The Green Village.TU Delft and look yourself, please be invited. Send a request to or connect via for cooperation.

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Mihail Panayotov

Hi Ciprian. I am from Bucharest, trying to expand the business of Bulgarian Start-up company Vasprovider in Romania. We are mainly focused on IoT services for home and industrial users. Will be great to cooperate. My contact:

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Cora Schwetter

Hi Ciprian. I have just recently joined this community. I am originally from Brasov, I would be interested to understand if there is anything I can do to support your initiative. You can contact me at