Which projects do we miss?

It is time to look for innovative projects in Amsterdam we didn’t know about! Do you own or know of an interesting solution for the increasing traffic movements in Amsterdam? Have you heard about a sensor project that citizens can participate in? Or do you know projects that have to do with other smart city themes, but are not yet featured on our projects page?

Please let us know! We will contact them and can help the project to get the attention, connections and other help it needs!

See what is already featured on our project page here: https://amsterdamsmartcity.com/projects

Do you think this is smart?


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Melchior Kanyemesha's picture
Melchior Kanyemesha

Hey Lotte! Thanks for reaching out.
These initiatives might be interesting to add:

Skytree: Removing CO2 from the air

Ee'yoo: Helping to make houses more sustainable

De kracht van eendracht; Sustainable sportpark|

Sameen -Smart Charging

MeerEnergie: Sustainable Middenmeer Noord

Connect020 - Using data and visualisations to make Amsterdam Zuid-Oost more sustainable

Digital Society School - Using data to accelerate the energy transition

Lotte Duursma's picture
Lotte Duursma

@melchiorkanyemesha1 which energy projects should really be present on this platform?


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