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Are you interested in the experiences of others working in smart city projects and organizations? The Smart City Academy provides available knowledge about smart city projects and can help you with project development. This Smart City Academy page provides you with information and researches about the impact and conditions of smart city projects. Professors, teachers and students study the initiation, management, collaboration and scaling of smart city projects and would like to share these results with you. They do so by organizing events and masterclasses, by developing smart city tools and methodologies and by making research and outcomes accessible. You can find everything here. And the good news is.... You can add your knowledge too! Are you working on Smart City research? Please feel free to share your knowledge in the Academy section, under ‘Other research and theses’. The Smart City Academy is powered by the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. If you have any questions, you can contact

Mark Stoevelaar, Project manager at City of Amsterdam: Digitalization & Innovation, posted

Are you an innovative entrepreneur? The In Residence Open Events program might be your chance to cooperate with Amsterdam!

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Want to test your innovation during an open event such as Amsterdam Pride or the Amsterdam marathon? And looking for the opportunity to cooperate with the city in the long run?

The In Residence Open Events programme might be something for you. We have 8 broad defined challenges, ranging from circular economy to safety, from mobility to extreme whether. Basically we're looking for all innovations that can have an positive impact on the city and the event of the future!

During the programme you get:

  • The opportunity to pilot your solution at an open event in Amsterdam, such as Amsterdam Pride or the Amsterdam Marathon
  • 15K test budget to execute this pilot
  • Guidance by an experienced mentor
  • Access to the large municipality network
  • The opportunity for long term cooperation in case of a succesfull pilot
  • Large exposure and feedback opportunities

Interested to see our programme, the challenges and opportunity this brings for you?
See our website,, or see most recent LinkedIn post:

For questions or thoughts, you can reach out to Mark Stoevelaar, project manager of the In Residence programme.
- +31621193028

Jonas da Silva, Professor and Researcher , posted

New article "Guidelines for a participatory Smart City model to address Amazon’s urban environmental problems"

Dear Amsterdam Smart City Managers and Members,

As a member of your digital platform, I would like to sincerely thank you for the insightful emails and contents you provide to members like myself throughout the year.

I am delighted to share with you my latest published article, "Guidelines for a participatory Smart City model to address Amazon’s urban environmental problems," featured in the December 12, 2023 issue of PeerJ Computer Science.
The article can be fully accessed and cited at:
da Silva JG. 2023. Guidelines for a participatory Smart City model to address Amazon’s urban environmental problems. PeerJ Computer Science 9:e1694

I welcome you to read my publication and share it with fellow members who may find the digital solutions for the Amazon region useful. Please let me know if you have any feedback or ideas to advance this work.

Sincerely (敬具)
Prof. Jonas Gomes ( 博士ジョナス・ゴメス)
UFAM/FT Industrial Engineering Department (Manaus-Amazon-Brazil)
The University of Manchester/MIOIR/SCI/AMBS Research Visitor 2020/2023

Jonas da Silva's picture #DigitalCity
Cornelia Dinca, International Liaison at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Amsterdam Region’s Insights on Local Green Deals during COP28

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Participating in a COP28 side event organized by the European Commission, the Amsterdam Region delved into Local Green Deals as instrument for achieving the green transition. The primary goal for the session was to uncover actionable strategies and prerequisites essential for fostering public-private collaboration to realize the sustainability transition. Marja Ruigrok, vice-mayor for the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, represented the Amsterdam Region alongside political and business leaders from Braga (Portugal), Aalborg (Denmark) and Skelleftea (Sweden).
Commencing the session, Valentina Superti, DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship, and SMEs at the European Commission, highlighted Europe's ambition to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. This necessitates a transformative shift towards sustainability, digitalization, and resilience, which is why the Commission is introducing critical legislation like the Net-Zero Industry Act and the Critical Raw Materials Act.
Ruigrok shared insights from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Region’s efforts in establishing Local Green Deals, emphasizing her role as political ambassador and champion for the Green Deal Bikes initiative. She stressed the importance of cycling, explaining that despite its reputation as a cycling paradise, approximately 20% of young people in the Amsterdam Region can not ride a bike: “If you don’t learn to ride a bike at a young age, you are also much less likely to use a bike for commuting later in life. That’s why in this Green Deal, we stimulate young people to learn to ride bikes, and encourage employers to support commuting by bike. This is crucial because employees who bike take on average 2.5 fewer sick days compared to those who don’t bike.”
Reflecting on success factors, Ruigrok emphasized the need for political commitment, and clear project ownership: "From a political point of view, you need long term commitment, and you have to create ownership. Someone has to take ownership and say ‘this is my project.’ This might be a governmental agency, a company, a knowledge institution, or civil society organisation - but someone has to take the lead. Otherwise, you will continue to talk, and nothing will happen."
Throughout the session, participants provided practical insights and recommendations for fostering successful public-private collaborations in general, and Local Green Deals in specific:

  • Lasse Frimand Jensen, mayor of the City of Aalborg, emphasized the necessity of accountability mechanisms: “Mutual commitment is necessary and there must be mechanisms in place to keep each other accountable.”
  • Ricardo Rio, mayor of City of Braga and Member of the European Committee of the Regions, highlighted the role of local authorities in mobilizing capacity and engaging stakeholders: “Local authorities need to have the spirit to engage stakeholders and shape partnerships. We  also need governance models that tranced political cycles, and that allow people to participate and hold us accountable.”
  • Jens Broberg, representing the business sector, emphasized the urgent need for appropriate incentives: “Governments must use policy frameworks to incentivize and regulate businesses and industry towards a green economy.”
  • Evelina Fahlesson, vice-mayor of Skelleftea Municipality emphasized the need for open and honest dialogue: “As a municipality, you have to be open about your challenges and willing to start a dialogue with your citizens and companies. Use procurement and new financing models as tools to implement a shared vision.”
  • David Nordberg, from Skanska Sweden, encouraged business leaders to align their business models with sustainability ambitions: "Be brave: try new ways of doing business and work in collaborations. In the long term, there is no conflict between sustainability and the economy."

The session highlighted the pivotal role of collaborative multi-stakeholder partnerships in achieving the green transition, emphasizing sustained political commitment, robust governance structures transcending political timelines, and policy frameworks incentivising sustainable businesses.

In the context of COP28, the true challenge lies in replicating these successful approaches on a wider scale, extending beyond the relatively affluent European context to a global landscape with more limited resources. In many regions, the urgent and acute impacts of climate change are already pervasive, amplifying the need for swift, comprehensive action. This necessitates a global and concerted effort of nations and industries, to surmount the hurdles posed by resource scarcity and varying levels of socio-economic development. This calls for collaboration not only within regions but across continents, fostering knowledge-sharing, technology transfer, and collective efforts in tackling climate challenges. The urgency of the climate crisis demands a united global front, where the lessons learned and successes achieved in Local Green Deals can serve as guiding principles towards a more sustainable and resilient future for all.

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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

ICC Phase 2: Kick off in Brussels

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The Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) is one of the European Commission’s largest city support initiatives supporting European cities in their green and digital transitions. ICC delivers knowledge and support services to cities and their local economies to address two major challenges: making the transition to a net-zero economic model, while enabling social inclusion and sustainable development for every EU citizen.

Cities learn how to address these challenges through Local Green Deals: integrated, multi-disciplinary action plans to lead the green and digital transition across sectors from the built environment, urban mobility and renewable energy systems to tourism or small retailers. Cities become members of a vibrant network, gain access to advisory services, innovation and sustainability management techniques, cutting-edge technology and training and get inspiration and advice from peers and mentor cities.

Building on the success of the previous edition of the ICC programme (2020-22) and Digital Cities Challenge (2017-19), the ICC will now enter Phase 2!

Amsterdam as a Mentor City

Like previous years, Amsterdam has been selected to join the support programme as a mentor city. The city will play a leading support role by guiding the 64 core cities as they embark on their two year journey to create impactful strategies and develop innovative solutions that will place the cities at the forefront of the green and digital twin transition through Local Green Deals. A nice compliment, allowing the Amsterdam Region to share their experiences and learnings from setting up Local Green Deal initiatives over the past years.

The Intelligent Cities Challenge Strategy City Lab: Accelerating the Twin Transition (November 2023)

On 23 and 24 November 2023, over 200 people - a mix of Intelligent Cities Challenge (ICC) core and mentor cities, political leaders and representatives from European institutions gathered for the first time in-person to discuss the status quo of Twin Transition. Through examples and best practices, attendees had the honour to hear from over 30 speakers as they shared insights into collaboration methods, Local Green Deals, climate ambitions, digital transitions and more across the course of 20 sessions.

Amsterdam Smart CIty's Leonie van den Beuken travelled to this gathering in Brussels as one of the representatives of the Amsterdam Region. She summarized her trip as follows:

This EU program helps cities from north to south, east and west to connect, share and learn. A much needed interaction, as we all try to improve the quality of life of our citizens. We all struggle with the ever rising cost of living. And we all want to get our cities to become more sustainable.

None of this comes easy, but we all know that local collaboration plays a key role. Building local coalitions between government, businesses and citizens is one thing, but how do we make sure these so called coalitions of the willing actually become coalitions of the doing?

Some of the learnings we shared from the Amsterdam Region are; the need for political support and the importance of trust and respect.

  • Local political leadership will inspire and guide society and entrepreneurs to invest and contribute. However, make sure pilotical support doesn’t evolve into political ownership. When that happens, societal parties and businesses tend to step out the coalition.

  • Take the importance of trust and respect seriously. You need to show long term commitment, take time to create understanding between parties. Take competition between participating SME’s serious and define together how to handle this together. Create a workflow in which smaller parties are allowed to participate less intense but sill feel incorporated.

We'll keep you up to date on our participation in future gatherings and results from ICC Phase 2. Want to know more? Check

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Tom van Arman, Director & Founder at Tapp, posted

Responsible apps and other digital dilemmas

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Scrolling endlessly? Get off your screen and join us for an evening of insights and inspiration with remarkable speakers at our upcoming meetup event! Mike Lee of Stichting Appsterdam will revisit the crucial topic of ethics in app development, shedding light on principles for the future. Joris de Leeuw will share some useful techniques to avoid our constant digital distractions. Mohamed S Bah, founder of City Rights App, will share creative solutions for migrant challenges through podcasting and storytelling. Social designer Anna Noyons of (ink). social design will discuss designing products that bring out the best in people. Emiel Poot will explore the balance between human nature and the digital landscape. See you there for a night of discovery and connections!


  • 17:00 Welcome drinks - Welcome drinks to break the ice and network a bit with fellow attendees.
  • 17:30 Opening and Welcome - Pinch / Appsterdam
  • 17:45 Kick-off Speaker - Mike Lee - Mayor of Appsterdam. Mike will be revisiting his 2013 flagship talk “Ethics Made Easy”. How does this talk still hold up ten years later? What has changed, what principles should app makers consider going forward?
  • 18:10 Joris de Leeuw - focus trainer at Diep Werk Doen. With his company Diep Werk Doen Joris trains knowledge workers how to better concentrate on their work and resist the constant lure of apps, calls, email and media. His method teaches the principle of attention by design; how we can reshape our own thoughts and behaviours to become more productive and less restless and distracted. He will give a talk on a few of the most recent insights in the field of focus and productivity. Website:
  • 18:30 Mohamed Bah - City Rights App and City Rights Radio. Mohamed is the founder and host of the City Rights Radio and co-founder of the City Rights App. With his platforms he tries to find creative solutions to problems faced by migrants. Concerned with the dangers of negative stereotypes and its impact on the already marginalized community, he uses podcasting, and storytelling to reframe migrant representation in media.
  • 18:40 Food is served
  • 19:10 Anna Noyons - Anna is a social designer and the founder of (ink). social design. Anna will give a talk about designing services, products and systems that bring out the best in us, people.
  • 19:30 Emiel Poot - De Jonge Strateeg & Appsterdammer - Emiel will delve into the balance between our human nature and todays digital landscape. We all have a fundamental need for social connection, but how have our instincts adapted to digital relationships, communication, and sense of belonging? Join us as we navigate the fascinating synergy between our wired brains and the virtual networks that have reshaped the very essence of human interaction.
  • 20:00 - Closing and networking drinks.
Tom van Arman's picture Meet-up on Nov 30th
Vasileios Milias, PhD Candidate at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), posted

CTwalk Map

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What opportunities for social cohesion do cities provide?

Is your neighbourhood park frequented by a homogenous or diverse mix of people? How many hashtag#amenities can you reach within a short hashtag#walking distance? And do you often encounter people from different walks of life?

I am very excited to introduce to you CTwalk Map, a web tool that seeks to highlight the social cohesion potential of neighbourhoods while also unmasking local access hashtag#inequities. CTwalk maps opportunities that different age groups can reach within a 5 or 15-minute walk.

🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️ It uses granular population, location, and pedestrian network data from open sources to estimate how many children, adults, and elderly hashtag#citizens can reach various destinations in a city within a short walk.

🌐 It offers a simple and straightforward understanding of how the 5 and 15-minute walking environments are shaped by the street network.

➗ It estimates the degree of pedestrian co-accessibility of various hashtag#city destinations.

CTwalk Map is now available for the five largest cities in The Netherlands.

Take a look at the web tool:

... learn more about CTwalk Map at this link:

[currently does not support mobile phones or tablets]

...and let us know what you think!

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Wouter Mulders, Communications Coordinator at Drift, posted

Live podcast-opname over afbouw: ‘Voer voor Verandering’

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Dinsdag 7 november organiseert DRIFT in Theater Walhalla te Rotterdam haar allereerste interactieve podcast-avond over afbouw. Waar moeten we mee stoppen voor een beter Nederland? En hoe?

Wouter Mulders gaat in gesprek met stopstrateeg Marije van den Berg en aspirant-Minister van Afbraak Derk Loorbach. Stel je vragen live in de podcast en praat – zodra de microfoon weer uit is – onder het genot van een drankje na met andere transitiemakers. Koop hier je kaartje!

De DRIFT podcast ‘Voer voor verandering‘ gaat het vierde seizoen in. In dit nieuwe seizoen gaan we aan de slag met de vraag: als goede afbouw zo belangrijk is voor een groener en eerlijker Nederland, waarom zien we er dan zo weinig van? In vijf afleveringen, duiken we die vraag in door middel van muziek, verhalen en gesprekken met (oud-)burgemeesters, activisten, een rouw- en verliestherapeut en allerlei andere experts en ervaringsdeskundigen.

Omdat we meer willen doen dan alleen (uit)zenden, gaan we dinsdagavond 7 november een live podcast opnemen, waarin we het gesprek aan gaan met ons (luisteraars)netwerk over afbouw. Daar kun jij bij zijn!
Het programma ziet er als volgt:

  • 18:30 – deuren open
  • 19:00 – start van de avond met inleiding
  • 19:45 – live opname met Wouter Mulders, Marije van den Berg en Derk Loorbach
  • 20:30 – afsluiting
  • 21:00 – napraten en gelegenheid tot drankje

De avond zal plaatsvinden in Theater Walhalla’s ‘Kleine Walhalla’, Sumatraweg 9-11 op Katendrecht in Rotterdam.

Kaartjes kosten € 12 en zijn te koop via deze link.

Wouter Mulders's picture Lecture / presentation on Nov 7th
Yeni Joseph, Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs at TNW, posted

🍃 Join us for the next gathering of Climate Tech Amsterdam on October 17 at TNW City.

Featured image

<strong>🍃 Join us for the next gathering of Climate Tech Amsterdam on October 17 at TNW City.</strong>

An initiative backed by leading ecosystem players, including TNW, StartupAmsterdam, Carbon Equity, Google Netherlands and supported by Climate Tech Cities and De Roos

💡 For this edition, we'll uncover the latest trends & developments in (Dutch) Climate Tech and facilitate discussions around e.g. Sustainable AI and Closing the Climate Finance Gap.

Climate Tech Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ leading community of climate tech innovators, experts and enthusiasts gathering during meetups, roundtables and events to exchange best practices, discuss challenges and opportunities and showcase success stories within Climate Tech.

Spots are limited, so make sure to register!

Yeni Joseph's picture Meet-up on Oct 17th
Christiaan Elings, Strategy & Collaboration for Sustainable Transitions at Royal Haskoning, posted

Hoe creëer je Levende Lerende Netwerken die impact hebben?

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Hoe maak je de stap van gezamenlijk leren, naar samen echt dingen doen? Er is al veel over gezegd en geschreven... Communities of practice, smeden van allianties, enz enz... Vaak blijft het dan een beetje hangen bij het organiseren van een toffe sessie, vast met veel energie. En daarna gaat iedereen - als het goed is met nieuwe ideeën en inspiratie - weer verder met waar 'ie al mee bezig was. Vaak is dat al genoeg, maar zeker in transities wil je eigenlijk een stapje verder komen.

Is eigenlijk al wel voldaan aan een aantal belangrijke condities om het netwerk levend te maken en te houden?

Reflecterend op onze eigen praktijk, ontdekten we een aantal kenmerken die belangrijk en beïnvloedbaar zijn bij het bouwen van impactvolle levende lerende netwerken. Amsterdam Smart City zelf is zo'n voorbeeld, waarin we voortdurend met elkaar op zoek zijn naar hoe we onze samenwerking van betekenis kunnen laten zijn voor de duurzame transities in onze regio. De Green Deal Circular Festivals, het MRA Platform Smart Mobility, Sail Amsterdam, en het Initiatief Bewust Bodemgebruik zijn enkele andere voorbeelden van levende lerende netwerken. Ook hier zagen we telkens dat de volgende kenmerken van belang zijn om verder te komen, en om de stap te maken van samen leren, naar samen doen:

(1) Wederzijdse afhankelijkheid tussen deelnemers
(2) Beweging door gedeelde energie
(3) Diversiteit daagt uit
(4) Persoonlijke ontwikkeling, empathie, ego overstijgend
(5) Veilige ruimte om te leren en ontwikkelen

Op basis van onze ervaringen in de praktijk, hebben we onze kijk op het ontstaan, de kenmerken en het begeleiden van Levende Lerende Netwerken opgeschreven in een whitepaper. Wil je meer weten, dan kun je die downloaden via onderstaande link (naar beneden scrollen naar de download knop van de Levende Lerende Netwerken Whitepaper).

Tijdens het PGM Open Congres op 26 september organiseren we hierover een workshop voor programmamanagers ( En, je kunt me natuurlijk altijd een berichtje sturen als je meer wilt weten!

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Dave van Loon, Onderzoeker / adviseur stedelijke vraagstukken at Kennisland, posted

KL Brouwerij ‘Leefomgeving van de toekomst’

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Waar je woont en hoe je leeft, heeft invloed op je gezondheid. Hoe kunnen we de leefomgeving inrichten om de gezondheid van bewoners te bevorderen en gezondheidsachterstanden te verminderen? Tijdens deze KL Brouwerij gaan we samen op buurtsafari op het Marineterrein in Amsterdam.

Het Marineterrein is een prachtige leefomgeving, waar veel geëxperimenteerd wordt met creatieve innovaties die de leefomgeving en publieke ruimte van de toekomst voorbereiden. Op 28 september gaan we samen op safari over het terrein. We ervaren zelf hoe een aantal van deze experimenten onze leefomgeving verbeteren. Daarna vertelt Annick Mantoua, directeur van De Gezonde Stad over hoe zij samen met bewoners en de gemeente een initiatief hebben opgestart dat leidt tot aanpassingen in de fysieke leefomgeving en de bevordering van de gezondheid in de buurt.

We laten ons inspireren door de leefomgeving van de toekomst. We zoeken naar inspiratie voor wat er allemaal mogelijk is en zal zijn in de openbare ruimte, en ontwerpen vervolgens onze eigen ideeën. Kom ook!

De KL Brouwerij wordt georganiseerd door Kennisland. Een aantal keer per jaar laten we ons werk even voor wat het is en brouwen we samen nieuwe ideeën voor maatschappelijke uitdagingen. We brengen leven in de brouwerij door te ontdekken, smeden, broeden, fantaseren en borrelen. Dit doen we met partners, experts, ervaringsdeskundigen en betrokkenen bij het vraagstuk dat die middag centraal staat, en waar we meer over willen leren.

Deze KL Brouwerij vindt plaats op <strong>28 september van 16.30-18.30 uur</strong>. Meer informatie en aanmelden kan via onderstaande link. Via e-mail houden we je op de hoogte over het programma. Heb je vragen? Stuur dan een mailtje naar Faduma Mukhtar via

Dave van Loon's picture Meet-up on Sep 28th
Rosa Tibosch, Community manager , posted

Deel jouw ervaring en breng Amsterdam dichter bij de Donut!

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Werk jij aan één of meerdere initiatieven of ondernemingen die bijdragen aan een Amsterdam met voor iedereen een eerlijke, sociale basis maar binnen veilige ecologische grenzen. Dat noemen wij een 'Donut Pionier': iemand die de Donut Economie in regio Amsterdam een stapje dichterbij brengt.

Om deze transitie naar een circulaire economie te versnellen willen we het belang en de impact laten zien van initiatieven, belangrijke drempels wegnemen en zoeken naar praktische oplossingen om initiatieven te laten groeien. Daarvoor hebben we jouw kennis en ervaring nodig.

Hieronder leggen we meer uit over dit onderzoek, de resultaten, wat je hieraan hebt en de tijdlijn. Wil je meteen de vragenlijst invullen? Deze vind je hier:

[]( "") De deadline hiervoor is 4 september.

Dit onderzoek
Je bent bij het werken aan jouw initiatief of onderneming vast uitdagingen tegengekomen. Denk daarbij bijvoorbeeld aan regelgeving die niet lijkt aan te sluiten bij je initiatief. Maar ook aan andere drempels die groei van jouw initiatief in de weg staan zoals ruimte, financiering, mensen, middelen, capaciteit, kennis of vooroordelen. Misschien heb je ook geleerd over oplossingen die daarbij werkten, of juist niet. Ten slotte zijn we nieuwsgierig naar de impact die je maakt. Deze vragen staan centraal in dit onderzoek. We richten ons op de succesvolle initiatieven, maar ook op die initiatieven die de drempels en problemen niet hebben kunnen overwinnen en uiteindelijk niet succesvol waren. Van beide valt veel te leren.

De resultaten
Op basis van dit onderzoek kunnen we de grootste uitdagingen agenderen en de beste oplossingen ontwikkelen of delen. Daarvoor analyseren we de reacties op deze vragen in september, met een aantal experts. We delen relevante inzichten met andere Donut Pioniers, maar vertalen het ook door naar beleidsmakers, het onderwijs en de arbeidsmarkt. Daarvoor werken we samen met onder meer de gemeente Amsterdam, Kennisland, Olympia, de HvA en de UvA. Ook werken we aan een Europees vervolg van dit onderzoek waarin verschillende steden worden vergeleken, om lessen te delen en samen te werken aan oplossingen.

What’s in it for you?
We realiseren ons dat je tijd beperkt is. Daarom proberen we je zoveel mogelijk terug te geven.
- De uitdagingen en oplossingen van andere pioniers delen we, met hun goedkeuring, ook met jou. Hopelijk helpt dit je om je doelen te halen.
- Je verhaal kan als voorbeeld worden opgenomen in publicaties in het kader van de 750 verjaardag van Amsterdam, of het internationale onderzoek. Dit ter lering en inspiratie voor iedereen die een stap wil zetten in het maken van positieve impact.
- We agenderen belangrijke concrete drempels bij de relevante partijen zoals de gemeente en werken met hen aan gerichte oplossingen. En daar betrekken we jou bij, als je interesse hebt.

Het vinden van de belangrijkste uitdagingen is één. Het belangrijkste is dat we hiervoor gerichte oplossingen ontwikkelen en de transitie naar een circulaire economie kunnen versnellen.  

De tijdlijn
- 4 september - Deadline voor de vragenlijst. 
- Eind september - We analyseren de resultaten in een workshop, oa. met Donut Pioniers. In de vragenlijst kun je je hiervoor opgeven.
- 13 november - We presenteren de resultaten op de Donut Dag.

Het invullen van deze vragenlijst kost 15 a 20 minuten. Het zou geweldig zijn als je hier wat tijd voor vrij wilt maken. 

De vragenlijst vind je hier: []( "")

Alvast heel erg bedankt voor je tijd.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Namens het Leren & Integreren team
Rosa Tibosch

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Ioannis Ioannidis, Entrepreneurship Lead at AMS Institute, posted

AMS Startup Booster 2023 - Call for applications is open until Oct 1st.

Featured image


Call for applications is open until Oct 1st. The program will last from mid-Oct 2023 until Feb 2024.


The AMS Startup Booster is a business idea development and validation program hosted by AMS Institute, aiming to help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their gut feeling into a business. The entrepreneurs are expected to pursue an impact-driven startup in the field of urban tech.

Lasting over 3 months, the AMS Startup Booster 2023 will start on Oct 2023 and run until Feb 2024. The program will be mainly physical at the AMS Institute (Marineterrein, Amsterdam) and is most effective when all teams are fully committed so during the aforementioned time period there is a minimum requirement of 10 hours per week for each startup.


The curriculum consists of more than 30 workshops, masterclasses and 1on1s focusing on customer discovery and problem-solution fit.

During our workshops the following topics will be addressed:

  • Market Research Fundamentals & Problem Definition
  • Market Segmentation & Customer Personas
  • Customer Discovery
  • Value Proposition & Business Model Design
  • MVP Design & Prototyping
  • Experiment Design
  • Pitching

In addition, our complimentary masterclasses will cover topics such as Team Fit & Alignment, Marketing & Branding, IP Rights, Finance & Funding, and many more.

Finally, peer-to-peer sessions and 1-on-1 mentoring by successful entrepreneurs and C-level professionals in your industry will complete the free services we offer to the selected startups. In total, the startups will get a 360 entrepreneurship curriculum consisting of more than 30 workshops & masterclasses.

Demo Day: Pitch and win prizes during the 'finals'

We close off the program with a Demo Day during which the teams showcase their business ideas and prototypes to a broad audience of experts, investors and entrepreneurs and compete for a list of amazing prizes! Prizes include:

  • A 5000 euros feasibility grant for 1 team
  • Guidance on the design of your feasibility experiment in the Marineterrein Living Lab
  • Access to follow-up programs & funding opportunities
  • Additional customer discovery sessions
  • Continuous coaching & mentoring
  • Office Space & Makerspace
  • Promo material & access to a large network

In addition, connections with other programs and potential investors will be made.

For whom?

With batch #6 we're on the hunt for dynamic teams or individuals with a passion for tackling #urban_challenges head-on. It's the perfect platform for #students who've hatched a brilliant idea during their studies or #researchers eager to make a tangible, lasting impact with their work.


Apply for the AMS Startup Booster via this form. Applications should be submitted <strong>no later than Oct 1st</strong>.

Ioannis Ioannidis's picture #CircularCity
Naomi Vrielink, Projectmedewerker at Future City Foundation, posted

Slotevent Summerschool over publieke platformen

Featured image

🚀 Hoe veranderen publieke platformen de overheid? Een thema dat ons allemaal raakt! Platformen veroveren de wereld. Uber, Marktplaats en AirBNB kennen we allemaal.

Op 30 aug zal het slotevent plaatsvinden van de Summerschool.
Deze middag staat, geheel toepasselijk, in het teken van de veranderende overheid. De 20e Summerschool gaat namelijk over de vraag: Hoe veranderen publieke platformen de overheid, welke toekomstscenario’s kunnen we daarover schetsen en hoe disruptief zijn deze?

Ontdek het antwoord op deze prikkelende vraag tijdens het spectaculaire slotevent ter ere van de 20e summerschool van het @Kennislab voor Urbanisme! 🌟 We nodigen iedereen uit die ooit heeft deelgenomen aan een summerschool of dit graag wil doen.

Deze Summerschool wordt georganiseerd door 'Kennislab voor Urbanisme' en de 'Future City Foundation' in opdracht van de Provincie Zuid-Holland in Den Haag.

Op 30 augustus van 12.30 tot 17.00 uur

Provinciehuis van de Provincie Zuid-Holland, Zuid Hollandplein 1, 2596 AW Den Haag

📅 Zet 30 augustus alvast in je agenda, want van 12.30 tot 17.00 uur staat een middag vol inspiratie en innovatie op het programma.

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Meet-up on Aug 30th
Anna Guseva, PM , posted

ProductCamp EU Netherlands

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What is ProductCamp EU?

This is not a conference in the usual interpretation, but an informal get-together where the boundaries between participants, speakers and companies are blurred.
We gather IT industry leaders in various areas: product development, Web3, artificial intelligence and others. 
Thanks to the unique format we are able to create an incredible atmosphere for networking and professional growth.

At ProductCamp EU Netherlands more than 50 leading experts and innovators in the IT field will share their invaluable experience with you. 
This is a great opportunity to learn from the best, communicate and share experiences with like-minded professionals.

What are opportunities for startups?

We have a stage for Startup pitching where you can introduce your company to top investors and the international community of tech leaders. Attendees can interact with other participants, establish connections that can lead to opportunities for collaboration and future projects.

Why visit ProductCamp EU Netherlands?

Discover advanced strategies that will help you become a competitive in your field
Get valuable information about the latest trends and best practices in product management and development from speakers representing major companies (Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle, Meta, Microsoft, Miro and many others).

Get inspired by real-life examples and success stories from leading industry experts
Establish partnerships, share experiences and explore opportunities for cooperation that can contribute to your success
Apply the acquired knowledge in interactive sessions

Once bitten twice, prices go up every week! Purchase the Conference ticket now to join at the best price until July 7th

Conference from Sep 28th to Sep 29th
Beth Njeri, Digital Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

Science-based targets for nature: Setting ambitious and effective goals for biodiversity

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Preserving and reviving nature plays a crucial role in addressing climate change and biodiversity loss. But determining the starting point and measuring progress can be challenging.

Science-based targets offer a starting point to take concrete actions toward a sustainable future.

Setting SBTs enables companies to transform vague intentions into specific commitments. Imagine going from "We should do something with water" to "We aim to reduce water consumption in high-stress regions by 25% before 2030 through rainwater catchment and increased reuse." Science-based targets provide a clear direction and roadmap for achieving such goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about how science-based targets can drive positive change and contribute to a sustainable future, check out Metabolic's latest article. We explore SBTs and their impact on biodiversity and nature.

#Sustainability #ScienceBasedTargets

Beth Njeri's picture #SmartCityAcademy
Rick Goossens, Educational manager Smart Media Production , posted

Smart Media Production is looking for a partner

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The associate degree program Smart Media Production of the University of applied science of Amsterdam is looking for a partner for an exciting project exploring the future of smart technologies for the city of Amsterdam. We teach students how to use smart technology (AI, machine learning, generative content) to create dynamic content in an ethical way. In short: we train the content creators of the future.

From September to December we ask students to research and come up with a future vision of Amsterdam in which smart technologies are used in an ethical way to benefit the city of Amsterdam. They will create a website, podcast, articles, and future vision video to share their insights. We are looking for a partner who can provide context and a narrowed-down theme so the students can do a deeper exploration.

What are we looking for in a partner?

  • Providing a briefing and case with a design question. For example: How does the future of "X" look like for target group "Y" concerning the topic "Z"? Which for example can result in: How does the future of Amsterdam look like for car owners and making the city more sustainable with the use of smart technologies?
  • Attending the halfway and final presentations
  • Strong interest in smart technologies and ethical considerations about the impact on the society
  • Availability to dedicate time (about 6 hours total between September-December) and effort to the project

What can you expect from us?

  • Collaborative project work with 15 like-minded students and 3 lecturers
  • A fresh perspective on the use of smart technologies and the future
  • A website, podcast, articles, and future video about your design question.

If you are interested in partnering with us for this exciting project, please reach out @

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Ferry Tillekens, Strategy & Partnership manager at Startup Village, posted

Charting the Future: Exploring the Latest AI Technologies in Cartography

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Join us on June 26th for an exciting and interactive afternoon (for FREE) dedicated to exploring cutting-edge AI advancements in cartography. Get ready to immerse yourself in a day filled with inspiration, knowledge sharing, and valuable networking opportunities with like-minded individuals who are passionate about the latest AI technologies in cartography.


  • 14:00 – 14:15: Walk-in
  • 14:15 – 14:30: Welcome by Allard Pierson
  • 14:30 – 15:30: Interactive session with Linear Logic. Zeta Alpha, Amsterdam Time Machine
  • 15:30 – 15:45: Short break
  • 15:45 – 16:30: Open Stage - You can join and pitch your AI idea on stage to a relevant audience!
  • 16:30 – 17:15: Wrap-up and summary of the day
  • 17:15 – 18:15: Drinks, bites & networking

Interactive sessions
During this hour-long session, our speakers will showcase the exciting possibilities that arise from the application of cutting-edge cartography technologies. They will take you along on a journey that shows how 'simple' old maps can be enhanced, highlighting how the incorporation of relevant information brings historical landscapes, landmarks, and details to the forefront. By comparing these augmented maps with the present-day reality, you will gain a deeper understanding of the historical context and appreciate the changes that have occurred over time. The end result is an interactive map that facilitates user interaction.

Open stage
During the open stage, we welcome you (individuals/startups/organizations) with fresh and innovative AI ideas related to the topics mentioned below to present in a 5-minute pitch. Your presentation will be in front of a relevant audience existing of numerous stakeholders who are interested in potential collaborations, including people from the Allard Pierson Museum, TomTom, the University of Amsterdam, and various startups and other organizations.
You can sign up for the open podium via the registration form!

Who should attend?
We extend a warm invitation to all those who possess expertise ranging from the digitalization of data (and extracting meaningful insights from it) to effectively presenting this data to a wider audience through the use of AI. This means that if you have a background in any of the following areas, you won't want to miss out:

  • Mastering the art of digitization and extracting valuable information
  • Unleashing the power of 3D/4D mapping
  • Enhancing data with semantic enrichment
  • Harnessing the potential of Large Language Models/Neural networks
  • Revolutionizing data visualization techniques

Don't miss this engaging opportunity to connect with fellow professionals, exchange ideas, and stay at the forefront of innovation in cartography. Mark your calendars for June 22nd, and be prepared for an extraordinary and free event!

More information and registration can be found here.

Ferry Tillekens's picture Meet-up on Jun 26th
Caroline Beelen, Community Manager GO!-NH at GO!-NH, posted


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We nodigen jou graag uit voor de ronde-tafel themasessies tijdens GO!-NH Showcase Day, een evenement dat gewijd is aan het bevorderen van duurzaamheid en ondernemerschap in de provincie Noord-Holland. Deze sessies bieden een unieke gelegenheid om dieper in te gaan op de belangrijkste duurzaamheidsthema’s van onze regio, met daarbij concrete innovaties, resultaten, uitdagingen en ambities van de deelnemende ondernemers.

Denk aan thema’s als:
Domeinen: Bouw, Voedsel, Energie, Textiel, Duurzame Maakindustrie, Gaming en Tech
Onderwerpen: Impact, Sociaal Ondernemerschap, Circulaire Economie, gebiedsontwikkeling, Donut Economie
Financiering: Investeerders, Impact investeerders, Kapitaal.

9.00 UUR TOT 14.00 UUR

Wat maakt deze ochtend zo bijzonder? De samenstelling van de groep bestaat uit een select gezelschap (van rond de 100 personen) van impact ondernemers en hun zeer nauwe relaties, klanten, (potentiële) investeerders, beslissers en bestuurders uit bedrijfsleven en overheden. Juist door de intieme setting verwachten wij verrassende ontmoetingen en diepe verbindingen met en tussen de ondernemers en de gewaardeerde relaties en partners vanuit ons innovatie-ecosysteem in Noord-Holland.

Caroline Beelen's picture Meet-up on Jun 15th
Angela Lopez, Marketing , posted

Brunch & Code: Write your first Ruby program in 2 hours

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Share a coffee and croissant with us and get an intro to Ruby!
Please note: You will need to bring a laptop to participate in this workshop! 🧑‍💻

In this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of programming and dive into back-end programming. You will be using the language Ruby, a programming language which focuses on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write. This workshop is for complete beginners!

In this 2 hours workshop you will learn:
✨ The basics of programming, including data types, variables, conditions and loops.
✨ Core concepts of Ruby that can be used into any programming language
✨ The basics of a back-end language and your first step to entering the world of web development.

About this workshop:
This workshop will start with a 1-hour lecture to introduce the core concepts of the day. You will then be onboarded on Le Wagon's e-learning platform and access the slides, a sum-up of key notions as well as exercises to keep practicing after the workshop.
We look forwards to seeing you there!
The Le Wagon Amsterdam Team 🚀

This workshop is brought to you by the #1 rated coding bootcamp worldwide: Le Wagon emerged in 2014 as one of the first tech bootcamps in France, offering web development and data science programs. Now, it has grown to a robust global community of tech talents with over 40 Le Wagon campuses in Amsterdam, Berlin, Lisbon, London, Melbourne, Mexico, Montreal, Singapore, São Paulo, Paris, and other cities worldwide.With this expansion, Le Wagon has helped over 19,000 developers, data scientists, designers, and entrepreneurs start their new careers in tech. Nine years on, the school continues to inspire tech aspirants to find their path in the industry.

Angela Lopez's picture Masterclass / workshop on Jun 24th
Finn Mund, International Relations at University of Amsterdam (UvA), posted

Master thesis about smart mobility solutions, also in Amsterdam

Hi everyone!

I'm currently writing my thesis on smart mobility solutions and their (expected) impact in the fight against climate change. As I'm also looking at cooperation between cities, I'd be very grateful if through posting this, I could get answers to the following questions.

- Does Amsterdam cooperate with other cities in the development of smart mobility solutions, like Roboat, Vehicle-2-Grid, or eHubs?

- Do other cities contact Amsterdam for advice and expertise with their smart mobility initiatives?

Thank you all and have a nice week ahead!