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Anne Schepers, Editor at Waag, posted

Lecture & workshop: BioCommons

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Waag lecture and workshop: BioCommons

In the BioCommons project, Waag investigates how we can combine and use our genetic data, while managing them as a community.

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Join us for a thought-provoking event that puts you at the forefront of genomic research and health decision-making. Have you ever wondered how your DNA can contribute to medical research and improve your healthcare journey?

We invite you to explore this exciting frontier at our workshop: it is you who can decide what type of research questions can be formulated about your genetic information.

The evening will start with an introduction to BioCommons by Waag's Lucas Evers, followed by a keynote of professor Karien Stronks on The Helius study, insights in the biological, psychological and social causes of the unequal burden of disease across ethnic groups in Amsterdam. After this, a hands-on workshop follows for you to participate in.

In this workshop you will be able to:

  • Discover what kind of research you would like to see conducted with your DNA. Explore how patient-centered genomic services can empower you to shape the future of medical investigations.
  • You will delve into the importance of genetic literacy and informed consent. Understand how individuals can make informed decisions regarding the use of their genetic data in research and healthcare.
  • Learn about Waag's BioCommons project and learn about its latest findings. Our experts will provide brief interventions and mediate discussions to help you understand the impact of genetic information as a common good.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Consider how an improved approach to direct consumer testing, which is more inclusive and diverse, can grant individuals more control over their genetic and non-genetic health-data. We will explore how this new data management paradigm influences your behaviour and health.
  • Cultural and Ethical Aspects: Reflect on the intricate connections between culture, identity, ethnicity, and genetics. Discuss the implications and potential benefits of a patient-centered approach to genetics.


19:00-19:15 hrs - Welcome
19:15-19:30 hrs - Introduction to BioCommons by Lucas Evers
19:30- 19:55 hrs - Keynote by Karien Stronks: The Helius study, insights in the biological, psychological and social causes of the unequal burden of disease across ethnic groups in Amsterdam
19:55-20:45 hrs - Workshop
20:45 to 21:00 hrs - Conclusion

Free entrance | Register here

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