Amsterdam Blockchain City

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How can we accelerate blockchain entrepreneurship and adoption in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area?

The promises of blockchain are endless. Blockchain allows us to find solutions to problems that were not possible before. Economies are reinvented, platform capitalism is being challenged and a new fair economy seems possible. But there are also many questions. What is the impact of blockchain? And what does this mean for the city? What role do companies, governments and knowledge institutions in the Amsterdam region play? How can we as a city a support a strong blockchain community?

This discussion in the Amsterdam region is very fragmented. To accelerate the development of a blockchain economy, the Amsterdam Economic Board and the municipality of Amsterdam are organizing a meetup for public and private partners to contribute to an action plan.

Our main interest lies in ways to strengthen the blockchain community and to accelerate blockchain entrepreneurship. But, amongst others, we are also very interested in:

How to position ourselves better internationally?
How to make better use of research?
How to accelerate the adoption of blockchain?
Essential conditions for a decentralized economy (if any)?

This is an invite-only event. Are your interested in joining us? Please let me know!


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Jaime San Martin

Hello! I am interested. Could you please sign me up? Thanks.