Amsterdam Energy Smart Conference

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Responding to the digital infrastructure energy challenge

With exponential demand driven by IoT, Smart Cities and Big Data applications, there is a growing need to efficiently power more localised, more agile and much more scalable IT infrastructure.

The Energy Smart Summit brings together business, operations and technology executives from the region’s data center-scale organisations to discuss how operators can leverage on advanced and integrated tech in order to become “energy smart”, both inside and outside of their data center. Advancements in software-defined, open source, AI, and highly efficient UPS technologies, to smart grid integration and green power resource, is accelerating the industry towards the energy smart data center.

We will be bringing together the people that build the power infrastructure and the people that build the digital infrastructure under one roof in one of the world’s most energy-aware and connected capital cities.

How will the disaggregated data center feed off the energy networks of the future? Will edge strategies be defined by energy grids? What are the latest advancements in software-defined power and cooling innovations and how can we secure our critical infrastructure in the age of IoT?

The data center is the physical manifestation of smart cities, smart grids, smart phones and smart buildings … So let’s have an energy smart conversation about how it all pulls together. This conversation links the silicon chip to the hydro power station.