Down the drain

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De Circulaire Stad #41
Down the drain - How can we recover valuable energy and raw materials from wastewater?

150 years ago, the Amsterdam-based physician Samuel Sarphati invented a plan to collect human excrement and use it as manure for farmers outside of the city. A revolutionary thought and an important hygienic solution to fight diseases within the overpopulated city centers. Nowadays, we have high-tech sewage systems and clean water is endlessly available. But what happens with the valuable raw materials (like phosphates) in our poop and piss?

Special guest and founding father of Biopolus, István Kenyeres, will tell us about his BioMakeries. These efficient, living factories convert wastewater and almost any kind of organic material into products for sale. Together with other guests from the VPRO Tegenlicht 2014 documentary: ‘De kracht van Water’ we will discuss the latest developments in the field of wastewater. How can we make more of our droppings?