Robot Love

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A teaser of Robot Love expo: Can we teach robots how to love and what can humans learn from them?

Robots have been part of our daily lives for a long time now. Despite the tools at our disposal to be in contact with each other, a large group of people feels lonelier than ever and we now see robots filling the gap in the demand for care, attention, love, and sex. Can we teach robots how to love? And what can they teach humans? This exponential growth of technology is a cause for optimism but also presents us new ethical dilemmas.

- Giep Hagoort | Creativity professor & emeritus at the Utrecht University / HKU
- L.A. Raeven | Artist duo Liesbeth and Angelique Raeven
- Martijntje Smits | Philosopher of Technology, senior researcher & lecturer
- Gijs Frieling | Painter, muralist & senior art advisor at Atelier Rijksbouwmeester

About ROBOT LOVE exhibition
From September 15 till December 2, you can visit the expo experience ROBOT LOVE, where you can experience artworks from more fifty international artists reflecting the relationship between humans and robots. Robot Love is the artistic translation of a widely held public debate on the rise of robots in our daily lives and generates attention for humanity in the midst of advancing algorithms and artificial intelligence. . In three related narratives (responsive love, joint intelligence, and attuned consciousness), answers are given to the question if we can live together with robots. Can we share love with robots? How do we create the perfect environment where people and robots feel safe and loved? How close can we get and how far can we go? ROBOT LOVE takes place at the newest cultural hotspot in Eindhoven: De Zuivelfabriek on the former Campina site.