SXSW Highlights

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Did you also experience a little bit of social media jealousy last month, seeing your timeline being filled with pictures of the latest trends and innovations, the newest gear, art, music, celebs and other weirdness? Every March, tens of thousands of tech influencers and innovators, corporate hacks and computer hackers, regulators and reporters descend on Austin for SXSW Interactive, an interdisciplinary festival to celebrate and discuss the power of business, technology, and design to drive economic, environmental and social change. If you missed it, don't worry. We invited some of the Dutch highlights to fill you in on their projects and the trends in their business and drench you in the SXSW experience!

With amongst others:
John Meulemans
Founder & managing director at 3sixtyfive

Claartje Vogel
Journalist at Adfo Group / Adformatie

Chafik Benhmidouch
Founder at DOOR Creative Studio & co-founder The Living Museum

Gianna Tomiyama
Creator and curator bij ZAZA ZUSHIO & co-founder The Living Museum

Arne Koefoed
Head of Ideas at Wink & co-founder New Dutch Wave

Maarten Bloemers
Lawyer & co-founder GUTS Tickets

Babak Mirzaie
Co-founder and CEO at Expivi

Nick Yap
Co-founder Travis & founder Volareo