And the winners are...

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On 16-17 June we organised, together with the City of Amsterdam, AMS Institute and EIT Climate-KIC, a 24-hour non-stop pressure cooker event. 45 participants worked in 8 multi-disciplinary team to ideate, uncover insights and propose innovative solutions to the city's urban challenges.

The 24-hours Amsterdam City Challenge is one of the events that Amsterdam organises to stimulate their citizens to come up with bright and bold ideas for a sustainable future. The challenges of this event where about Mobility and the Energy Transition:


  • How can we organize the supply of fresh food and beverages in the city, in a more efficient manner?
  • How can we improve management of the mobility flows to major tourist attractions more effectively, such as the Zandvoort beach on sunny days?
  • How can we increase the safety of cyclists with respect to congestion on the bike paths and roads (i.e. electric bikes, cargo bikes, and regular bikes)?

Energy Transition

  • Taking the Haparandadam as a point of inspiration, how can we install solar power in unusual places?
  • How can we make data centers greener?

And the winners are...

Amsterdam City Challenge - Innovate the City in 24-hours

Of course every challenge has its winners. But the compliments go to all the participants that where awake for over 24 hours! It is quite a challenge to stay awake... But during this pressure cooker, all kinds of great ideas come alive. That is the great thing about this 24-hours event.

The winner of the Mobility Challenge is team Extra Mile. They came with the idea to use the infrastructure of the trams to deliver food and beverage supplies to the restaurants and bars in Amsterdam. In order to realise this, this team introduced 'De Vreet Tram' ('Vreet' means 'eating a lot' in Dutch).

The winner of the Energy Transition Challenge and the Tada-price is Switchport. This team developed a great idea to combine art with the construction of solar panels. They also wanted to make the use of the solar panel inclusive for the citizens.

Besides winning € 1,000 to work on their ideas furthermore, the teams also got the opportunity to present their ideas during WeMakeThe.City