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With the growing availability of data and technology, digital versions of objects or systems are getting more interesting. Pairing the virtual and physical world, it is possible to continue critical physical processes while digitally experimenting and looking for improvements. The ‘digital twin’ therefore is an interesting feature, also in urban development.

In a discussion with a number of digital twin projects, we addressed opportunities and barriers. Are current projects more than 3D models? What are the key enablers and challenges in starting digital twins for urban applications? Which steps are the most difficult to implement? Do we fully trust on the system and will reality be handled by a computer? How are decisions for further development made?

- Wietse Balster - geo information advisor at City of Amsterdam
- Eric Jeansson - project manager at City of Gothenburg
- Paolo Pileggi - IT program developer & Walter Lohman - project lead at TNO

- Leonie van den Beuken - program director Amsterdam Smart City

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