Co-Creating Responsive Urban Spaces - website launched!

How to adjust public space real time to its users? This is the leading question in the Co-ReUs action-research project. The project brings together urban designers, interactive concept developers and local stakeholders and explores hands on the development of a possible responsive urban space. The Chair of Urban Design at the Faculty of Engineering of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences initiated and leads the project. Involved project-partners are 15 companies, 3 start-ups, ArenA-Boulevard- entrepreneurs, the Municipality of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Smart City, 2 urban planner associations), the TU Delft and the UvA.
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Jim Bowes's picture
Jim Bowes

Great initiative!

I am working with the city of Amsterdam producing way finding, general information and public awareness campaigns. Natural-media may be a good way to communicate locally using the public space and natural materials such as water, sand, chalk, clay, milk paint and plants.

I wonder if I could add any value to your project.

Here is my website This is a restart of natural media company GreenGraffiti that was one of the first natural media companies in the world. The rules regarding natural media have recently changed with commercial messages no longer being allowed but Amsterdam will allow it from its own communication purposes and since they are your partner can provide permissions to place messages under certain conditions.

A lean start-up from my kitchen table but with over 8 years and 650 campaigns under my wings, it is simply finding a new direction.

Maaike Osieck's picture
Maaike Osieck

Great initiative! looking forward to follow all the developments!