How messages from public data can be delivered through design & art: example from NYC

Frequently I'm looking for open data about cities in the Netherlands and Europe. Often it requires me to dig deep, struggle and look for patterns in somewhat abstract and elusive datasets, which are hard to grasp.

Yet in the coming decades, the amount of public data will increase enormously and I believe we are now only scratching the surface of the powerful insights that remain covered. Design & Art expands the mind and can bring data alive. That's why I enjoyed this article about a newly installed art exhibit created in honor of NYC’s Open Data Week with new, interesting ways of representing data. I hope it may inspire you as well.

Perhaps a good source of inspiration for creating this in the city of Amsterdam and thinking about Smart City?

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Nancy Zikken

@paulvoskuilen not only energy, but also nice to image data within such an exhibition too!

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Nancy Zikken

An Amsterdam Open Data Week, sounds good! @tamaserkelens