5G Internet: the connectivity of the future

5G promises data speeds in the tens of megabits per second. No more buffering, no more slow connections, no more lagging teleconferencing. It will provide data transmission as fast as the best hard-wired connections. That sounds impossible, but it’s not. And it’s something we need. Brussels might become the first European city with a 5G network. Belgian Telecomregulator BIPT lengthened the license of operator Broadband Belgium with five years until 2024.

* Incredibly fast Internet
* Huge amounts of data
* Necessary to connect the IoT
* The challenge: an entirely new infrastructure


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Gulia El

5G can also create connections allowing, for example, people in oppressed society, like Ukraine is nowadays, still be able to use sites that this country's government prohibits and which use dto be organic and insaparable part of their lives for decades. That adds 30 million new users straight to 5G. 5G can be a promoter of human rights and of peaceful, balanced coexistence of countries in Euro–Asian continent. 5G— Peaceful Web!