Innovation collabs for future-proof Bridges and Quay walls of Amsterdam

What Monitoring & Sensoring technologies could gather information about the status of Amsterdam's Quay walls and Bridges? And how can these best be applied?

Innovation is key in answering these questions. Currently, at AMS Institute there are two research projects in place that can provide outcomes on how to manage a large area of quay walls and bridges in Amsterdam in a smart way. In short, these projects focus on:

- Ground imaging techniques to detect subsurface objects, changes in material properties, soil composition, and voids and cracks
- “Proven Strength” as a methodology and relevance of updating reliability during service life or urban quay walls

Furthermore, a knowledge exchange session was organized by the City of Amsterdam and AMS Institute; a successful step towards the process of building a Living Lab Monitoring & Sensoring – possibly at the Marineterrein – aimed at testing, assessing and whenever possible upscaling new innovative techniques. Ultimately, to significantly contribute to tackling the aforementioned questions.

During the meeting, valuable insights were gathered; required to speed up the City of Amsterdam’s Bridges and Quay walls program. Read the full article here: