Project EV Energy at the Vehicle 2 Grid conference (Amsterdam)

Green IT Amsterdam was present at this high-level conference ( on Electric Vehicles and Smart IT Solutions.

It was a unique opportunity for one of our projects, EV Energy (, to introduce its vision and goals while getting in touch with relevant stakeholders of the wider Amsterdam region.

Julie Chenadec and Vasiliki Georgiadou represented our consortium and collected experiences and insights on how different cities and countries have initiated a Vehicle-2-Grid approach, combining Renewable Energy and Smart IT Infrastructure for the roll-out of Electric Vehicles.

Ms Georgiadou wrote an article that highlights the importance of revising policies to boost the uptake of EVs by both the industry and society at large.

>> "Removing the last hurdle to EV’s integration: policies and regulations overdue make-over"


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Julie Chenadec

Thank you @anneliesvanderstoep for your kind comment !

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Annelies Van der Stoep

@katriendewitte @paulbierman @tijslagerweij @rogierwissink Nice read about V2G!