SMART Charging Challenge 9/10 March in Amsterdam

Are you a programmer, designer, developer, data scientist or innovator? Are you a student, building your startup?

We Want You!

In the future, we will live, work, and drive on renewable energy.
By linking solar and wind energy to the emergence of electric vehicles, we can accelerate the energy transition from fossil to sustainable fuels. In order to realize this, we have to work together on smart solutions.

SMART Charging
We charge our electric vehicles when there is an abundant supply of solar and wind energy and avoid peak hours on the electricity grid. We use the batteries of electric vehicles to store this renewable energy for later use, for driving or for example to use it for cooking or for heating our homes. This is crucial in order to meet the growing energy demand and to optimally use renewable energy.

We are looking for the smartest, most innovative students, companies and start-ups in the world to help us unleash all the possibilities of smart charging. The team that comes up with the best idea will win a monetary amount and will receive support to further develop and implement their idea.

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