Tender EV Charging Infrastructure Network Manchester

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) owns the Greater Manchester EV Charging (GMEV) Network. Due to an increasing demand for charging points and changes in the performance of EVs and battery capacity, this network has come under pressure. TfGM has therefore initiated a formal tender for a 3-year contract - with a possible extension of 2 years - to (re) design, build, install, manage and maintain the GMEV Network. During this period, the long-term expectations for the Network will be examined as the market for charging points and EV will continue to mature in the coming years.

More information about the tender can be found in the attached document: GMEVPaperWMT

TfGM has indicated that it wants to get in touch with Dutch companies with the right expertise and offers to Skype for a Q & A. Dutch companies that are interested please contact Marjolein Bouwers (m.bouwers@nbso-manchester.co.uk of the NBSO in Manchester.

Source: www.hollanduktrade.nl

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