"The future of mobility: bridging supply of and demand for smart urban mobility"

We are looking for city officials, representatives of transport authorities, investors and other professionals who have a special interest in Smart Urban Mobility. We organize an invite-only break-out session "Future of Mobility" during CapitalFest, Amsterdam, Sept 27. Interested to participate? Please contact us at smarturbanmobility@jiip.eu.


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Erick Rivas Barrera

Hi Carlien, we from suMMus (http://www.summus.earth) are interested in the smart urban mobility or "Future of Mobility", can you invite us to attend?
Please send us information in regards to "Future of Mobility" and invitation to attend CapitalFest: summus.earth@gmail.com.
Best regards,
Erick Rivas Barrera
Founder suMMus.earth