The Road to Barcelona - The Interviews Part 2: Connected

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In this interview the spotlight is on Marco Maréchal, entrepreneur who joins us to the Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona. Marco founded Connected, a company which focuses on communications and environmental management within water, smart mobility and smart city projects.

How to make sure end users and stakeholders will embrace your product?

What is Connected about?

Marco: ‘Connected advises and supervises organisations like governments and companies. In every process we focus on bringing together ideas, goals and people. Actually, we are working on incorporating stakeholders and end users within projects from the beginning. This is often not the most logical way to go for people. We often hear them say ‘Why should we incorporate people already? We can develop new ideas and people will follow us’. But in the end this is not true. Within ‘Mobility as a Service’ for example this is different. If you want people to make other choices and stop using their cars, you have to involve them in your journey in some way. What is most challenging, is involving end users when you already have an idea for a new product.’

What is your ultimate goal?

‘I conducted extensive research about knowledge, attitude and behaviour and wrote a book about the approach of involving end users as soon as possible, based on the survey results. It would be my ultimate goal to incorporate the findings of this research into smart city and smart mobility projects even more. I would like to make sure users and target groups are involved from the start and project leaders don’t have to modify existing projects because they forgot this. It is important that we are aware of the people we start projects for and act upon that. For instance, add their knowledge and behaviour in the setup of plans. Me and my company can learn from this ourselves!

Why will you join us to the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona?

‘Last year I went to the Smart City Expo as well. I held a presentation for the Dutch delegation in the Holland Pavilion and in response to this pitch, I got invited to Connected Hub. This is the European platform for the Connected Automobile Industry. This platform provided me with a lot of contacts within Barcelona and Spain. I would like to see those people again and talk about the thing we can do for each other. On the other hand, the Smart City Expo proved to be an interesting place to find new business contacts. I am sure there are some very interesting parties to talk to!’

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