We Proudly Present Our Partners: Part #2 Transport Authority Amsterdam

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On the 21st of June we kicked off a new phase of Amsterdam Smart City. Amsterdam Smart City is an open collective of citizens, businesses, knowledge institutions and public authorities that are convinced that the changes necessary for the city and region, can only be achieved through collaboration.

More partners than ever are pooling their networks, knowledge and skills. Who are they? We will present some of them one by one. This time: Transport Authority Amsterdam.

As Transport Authority Amsterdam (Vervoerregio Amsterdam) it is our ambition to keep our growing region accessible, now and in future. Together with partners (government, business parties, knowledge institutes and citizens) we seek smart solutions to ensure this accessibility. Such close collaboration creates innovative opportunities, which is of true value to ensure a livable, safe and sustainable environment.

Amsterdam Smart City offers a strong network of partners with a shared aim. And in cooperation with this Amsterdam Smart City collective, we aim to make Smart Mobility solutions business as usual in order to challenge the region’s growth.



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Marjan Schrama

Hi Arie,
I think we need to connect the whole region and not just Noord :-). I hope this collaboration will bring innovative and new solutions instead of 'oude wijn in nieuwe zakken'.

Arie van Staveren

I think the biggest obstacle to ensure the accessibility of the region is financial. Massive investments for public transportation (lightrail, expanding the metro network, tunnel(s) or bridge(s) to better connect Noord to the rest of the city; etc) are required. But the government budget for infrastructural projects has been decided and fixed for the next 10 years. Where's the funding coming from?
Arie van Staveren