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The overall aim of the proposed project is to decrease the negatıve effect as a result of nuclear and fossıl fuel treatens the whole lıfe forms all around the World, İn a additon that increase a usage ratio of renewable energy

What is the goal of the project?

Our main target to start this project is to find an alternative solution to fossil and nuclear energy. We have to provide our whole energy need using clean energy sources. The 1993 report of UN population division Population ref. Bureau shows the population growth and energy need in 2040.The report shows depending an the population growth, energy demand will increase.
 2 Billion+ population growth by 2040
 130%+ larger World economy by 2040 and 90%+ increasing electricity demand
 Reducing CO2 emission targets
As a primary energy source, wave energy has the potential to fulfill the whole energy need of the world. We think Cleanwave energy convertor device is a serious alternative for wave energy. This technology has a very big economic and social profit potential for our target market EU. In EU 2010 Ocean energy roadmap report, the importance of wave energy for EU was explained bellows;
“Wave energy can be a cornerstone of this sustainable economy, ensuring security of supply, mitigating climate change and CO2 emission, developing the energy mix and creating an entire new industry that will create approximately 260,000 direct new job by 2050”.

What is the result of the project?

EU has a tendency of change over from convential energy sources to renewable ones. The aim of the project is to get use of specific objective ocean energy. As it has been explained in UK Marine Foresight Panel 2000, even the 0,1% renewable energy of oceans, contains energy more than 5 times of the worlds need. There for our target of increasing the quantity of wave energy use is compatible with the target of EU renewable energy need.
According to European Union Report (EU-OEA, 2010), Ocean energy generation has the potential to rise to 3.6 GW of installed capacity by 2020 and close to 188 GW by 2050, a significant proportion of this to come from wave energy. It is projected that wave energy could have 529 MW installed by 2020 and nearly 100 GW by 2050. This represents 1.4 TWh/ year by 2020 and over 260 TWh/year by 2050, amounting to 0.05% and 6% of the projected EU-27 electricity demand by 2020 and 2050 respectively.
Technology Readiness Levels; Cleanwave technology level is TRLs:7. “System/subsystem model or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment”.Cleanwave can be product 2020.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

Key Milestones;
• First study was “shore type device”. Electricity production capacity was low, for this reason, “shore type device” study was canceled.
• Second study was “Near shore type device”. On this study, Patent was taken but it was cancelled because of the hydraulic system can give damage to the environment.
• Third study; CleanWave, all the criteria were provided.
• The “Cleanwave”, model was tested in Yildiz Technical University.
• KOSGEB(Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology General Directorate of Science and Technology-Ministry of SMEs Development & Support R&D Projects Grant Programme) grant was used
First prototype was fabricated (cap; 1,6kwh).Tested in the Black sea and it produced first electricity from wave energy.
• Tubitak (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey ,Industrial R&D Projects Grant Programme-1501) grant was used, second prototype was fabricated(cap;14,5kwh), tested İstanbul Technical University.
• National patent was taken.
• International EPO patent was taken.
• Became the national first winner of Cleantech Open Competition of Turkey 2014 (GCIP) and money prize was given by Minister of Science and Technology

What is the next step?

It will be passed to the commercial product phase once the necessary financing has been provided.

What can other cities learn from your project?

Why is CleanWave technology worth to develop? Clean Waves technology has an award of the Global Cleantech Innovation Program (GCIP). Cleanwave is the National Winner of Turkey 2014,GCIP is focused on enhancing emerging cleantech start-ups, growing the local entrepreneurial capacity and supporting the policy framework for innovations (SMEs) in developing and emerging countries. The Participants of the GCIP Organization are “UNIDO-United Nations Industrial Development Organization”, “GEF-Global Environment Facility”,” TUBITAK(The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)”, « Cleantech Open(the world’s oldest and largest clean technology startup accelerator”.
From the customer's perspective, the features of CleanWave makes the project valuable. Customers are willing to invest in CleanWave because of “High efficiency”, “low cost investment”, “oil free technology&green technology”, »minimizing OPEX(operating expenses)” and “Short ROI time( 4-6 years)”.İn a addition to these, cleanwave technology provides high safety and environmental sensitivity.
The overall aim of the proposed project is to decrease the negatıve effect as a result of nuclear and fossıl fuel treatens the whole lıfe forms all around the World, İn a additon that increase a usage ratio of renewable energy.
We want to meet the potential customer below when we have completed the project.
Customer Segment: ”Government (National/International)”,”Ministry of (renewable) Energy and Ministry of Regulations”, ”Energy Distributors &Producers (National/International)”,”Legal firms experienced in Energy Business (National/International)”,”Manufacturers focused on sustainability Energy Distributors & Producers.
Adjacent markets; Near Shore Factories at suitable sites for wave energy in Europe, Owners of and Investors in Harbors and Ports at very suitable sites for wave energy in Europe.
Our long term target is to supply electricity to near shore population.

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