RiRa Amstel III heat net project

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Recycling residual heat from Equinix datacenters to buildings in Amstel III area. Amstel III is one of the largest business regions in Amsterdam and the Netherlands with 250 hectares area and 720.000 m2 gross office space. Datacenters are generating enormous amounts of residual heat that normally is released to the outside water or air. In this project we will be able to re-use the heat for heating processes in the build environment in this area.

What is the goal of the project?

Using waste heat more efficiently by re-using that for the build environment.

What is the result of the project?

  1. Delivering a detailed design that can be built.
  2. Building the collective heat net.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

HvA initiated the project and works together in a consortium with Huygen, Greenvis, VillaVille, Escoplan and Equinix.

What is the next step?

Initiating a demand driven research towards the end-users (tenants and real estate owners).

What can other cities learn from your project?

Heat nets are hot at the moment. There is a big demand for alternatives for city heat nets and gas grids. Knowing what the technical, financial and social success factors are, is crucial. This applied research is going to answer these questions.