Electric cars wanted for high-end tourism in Amsterdam

The 5 most luxurious hotels of Amsterdam house guests that are sometimes interested in private tours by car through the city. Driving around, in a luxurious car interior while looking at the sites.

Normally the hotels hire limousine services for this. The downside of these car-rides are that the guides aren't really involved in the historical, cultural and social fabric of the city ànd the car itself is never electric, making this more polluting than it should be.

Amsterdam Odyssey stands for a different kind of tourism: sustainable, local and meaningful. Therefor we never do these kind of car-ride excursions.

But, what if.... we could partner up with a company that promotes the use of electric cars, offering high-end chauffeured electric cars for us to use as a means of transport? We work together with Taxi Electric off course, but we are hoping to get in touch with other companies as well, maybe to help them in a start-up phase or to promote a new business model. To get in touch, please send an email to tours@amsterdamodyssey.com


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Eva van Dijk

@hermanvandenbosch2 het mooie is dat wij 99% van de tijd lopen, met soms een elektrisch bootje erbij, soms op de fiets. De wegen zijn inderdaad vol, een auto is onzinnig in Amsterdam. Maar: feit is dat sommige high-end touristen ècht in een auto door de stad willen touren. Als die in een elektrische auto klimmen scheelt dat inderdaad géén blik op de weg maar wel fijnstof.

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Eva van Dijk

Alexandra Belicova en Fred Cats, thank you for your suggestions! We have to keep the gap between the limousine the guests are used to and the electric alternative so small that even Donald Trump would take the leap ;)

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Eva van Dijk

@joepdehoog5 ik heb je gebeld!

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Herman van den Bosch

Wouldn't the best solution be small but convenient boats in combination with some walking? It appears to me that Amsterdam city roads are more then crowded.

Peter Cats

Hello Hanneke,
Can we help you with our 100% electric Solar Road Train with either 1, 2 or 3 wagons. Each wagon provides 20 comfortable seats. Please visit www.trens.eu.
Regards, Peter Cats
Trens B.V. solar trains, Arnhem
Mob. +316 5115 7018

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Joep de Hoog

Dag Hanneke, vanuit de opleiding bedrijfskunde hebben wij een sector Mobility. Daarin voeren de 4e jaars studenten projecten uit, die vergelijkbaar zijn met jouw vraag. Kunnen we een keer bellen of zij een rol kunnen spelen bij jouw vraag? 0641162579 gr, Joep

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Alexandra Belicova

Any chance scooters would work? Felyx is a startup that lets people rent electric scooters to commute around Amsterdam.

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Eva van Dijk

Hi Fred, Thanks for your comment, but no, this market requires another type of vehicle. Something comparable to a limousine.

Fred Chang

@hannekevroegindeweij Are you interested in Segway?

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Eva van Dijk

Dank je wel, Nancy en Eline! Ik ga contact met ze opnemen hierover!