Help to realise 'Living Mobility' ; where mobility meets real-estate

There is a huge opportunity to build differently in new urban development projects. We can take a different approach on how we organise mobility and make a link between the mobility- and the energy transition in order to move faster. Living Mobility is a conference bringing together real estate, mobility and energy in order to define a roadmap together. How can we integrate mobility in building projects? What cases do we know and what can we learn from them? What is the role of parking requirements in building and how is this changing globally? Which role does the car play in energy grids? How do policy makers, project developers, mobility providers work together?

Aim is to organise this conference in september 2018, in Amsterdam (or Utrecht). We are looking for more sponsors who can help to realise the event and who have a relevant link with the topic in order to also contribute to a solid program. Are you a into designing or building, energy or mobility? Jump on board!


Joep de Hoog's picture
Joep de Hoog

Hi Ananda,
Can University mobility students get a free ticket for this event? I have a group of 20 and I think a few would be very interested to join!!
Cheers, Joep