Looking for waste upcycle center in Amsterdam Zuid.

As a new resident of Amsterdam stadsdeel Zuid, I'm looking for a place (similar to zero waste lab) or entrepeneurs to give my separated waste streams (resources). Best scenario would be that entrepeneurs can repurpose my resources into something more useful. Are there any ongoing initiatives in the neighbourhood?

Hope to hear from you,


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Amsterdam Smart City

Hi Agata, thanks! Is it possible to share our domestic waste with Deko Eko?

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Agata Frankiewicz

Hello I am happy to share with you a new marketplace www.dekoeko.com which is now being launched in Netherlands where you may upcycle your waste with chosen designers :)

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Amsterdam Smart City

@timdebroekert any (plans for) Zero Waste Labs in Amsterdam Zuid?

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Beth St. John

Hi there. I live in Zuid but, I don't know of any resource like you mention. I would love for you to keep me posted on what you learn. I have also wondered about organics recycling. In Minneapolis (where I lived prior to Aug '18) they picked up organic waste with the rest of the garbage/recycling. There are large bins to donate clothing but, as a resident you really don't know where all of that is ending up.