RFI from Australia - Automatic signage/bollards

Please find below a request for information from the Australian Sunshine Coast Council, member of GSC3.city and the Australian Smart Cities Association:

RFI from ASCA Members - Automatic signage/bollards
The Sunshine Coast Council is interested to hear from other members who have successfully implemented an integrated signage/bollard solution.

We have a junction, sketched below, where the council is looking to install electronically controlled bollards to be able to block off one end of a street – we obviously need signage that links to the bollards that could be (for example):-

Blank with bollards down (road open)
Flashing a warning with bollards down (road closed)
Road closed with bollards up (road closed)
Flashing a warning with bollards about to retract (road closed)

The bollards should not raise if there’s an object on top of them (e.g. car, pedestrian) and this must be automatically detected via camera, in road sensors, etc., etc.

The bollards should be able to be controlled in any number of ways, for example:-
Local key / remote
Automatic timer (e.g. Friday 6pm-Friday 11pm)
remote central management solution
Emergency Vehicle Priority
This is not a formal RFQ but a request to make contact with other members, suppliers etc. who have been able to install an integrated system and would be willing to share contacts, lessons learned etc.

If you’re able to help, please contact David Coleman on +61 (0)408 074768 or david.coleman@sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au