Video Vlog Ideas, Volunteers!

Hello! I am a Canadian renewable energy professional in Town for a week working with a Youtuber (As a side profession). In my spare time, I'd like to shoot a vlog (20min video) for my up and coming channel. Any energy professional who would like some great North American exposure of their product, service or project please feel free to get in touch!)


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Alexander Suma

Thanks for letting me know @melchiorkanyemesha1
Hi James, I think we have something you will like; it’s called PowerNEST and it generates renewable energy from wind and solar to make high rise building Net Zero Energy. We have two installation: in Utrecht and Nieuwerkerk aan de IJssel, and will be there Saturday morning. We currently have leads at Whitney Museum and CornellTech in NYC. Lots more to tell. Email me on and see if you can make it Saturday morning!

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Melchior Kanyemesha

Thanks Lotte!
I think I know a few people who might be interested, James. Let's get in touch!

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Lotte Duursma

@melchiorkanyemesha1 , @adriaanvaneck7 . you might have some ideas!

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gerald lindner

dear James Marzotto,

seeing your background in solar devellopment and construction, you just might be interested to vistit our greenhouse project (Hulstweg 15 1032LB in Amsterdam) It is not yet 100% finished but the concept is interesting for North America.

Kind regards
Gerald Lindner
architecture & engineering
nieuwpoortkade 2a (atelier 406)
1055 rx Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31(0)6 520 170 97