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Francien Huizing, Program and Communication Manager at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Are smart cities the key to sustainable, thriving cities of the future?  

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That was the main question we talked about September 14 at the FuW Forum in Zurich. Sharing learnings and exchanging ideas and experiences is of great value. To learn from each other, align and get inspired. That is why Amsterdam Smart City hosts a lot of international groups in our Smart City Lab and sometimes visits interesting international conferences to share our story.  

The FuW Forum in Zurich had a very interesting line-up with speakers from all over the world. It was an honour for me to give an inspirational key note on behalf of Amsterdam Smart City. The message I wanted to get across: "Don't overestimate technology. Smart technology offers great opportunities but to make it work we have to make a whole ecosystem work. And that means cooperate, listen to each other, help each other, fail, learn, adapt, try different perspectives.....All so called 'soft' skills that we need to combine with a world of bits and bytes. That is where the real challenge lies. To overcome these issues a world in transition needs an independent and neutral place, where changemakers can meet interact and start working together.” An exciting message to bring being at Google headquarters. But I was glad to hear that most speakers and participants saw smart technology as a means to an end instead of a goal in itself.  

Below some interesting quotes of other speakers: 
Prem Ramaswami – Google 
"We invented the technology of cars to move from A to B and now we spend most of the time standing still in the traffic – 42% of the cities are parking lots."

Ute Schneider - Technical University Wien 
"We only start moving, when it really hurts"

Silke C. - Fraunhofer Gesellschaft  
“At the moment, data is not fully exploited, the data is distributed everywhere and cannot be brought together, there is a lack of trust – that is why a European governance is now being built."

Salomé Mall - Smart City Lab Basel
"The real estate industry is not mobile, it needs innovation to bridge the next crisis."

Markus Schläpfer - ETH Zurich  
"If we measure and understand human flows, we can use this for transport, infrastructure and the use of modern technologies.”

And Audrey Tang, Taiwan's Digital Minister  
"With the first Ministry of Digital Affairs we encourage the digital collaborative democracy between government and people - we must trust each other going into future live.”

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Leon Benic, Project assistent , posted

Meetup: Ontdek het Universiteitskwartier Evenement

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Hoe versterk je de relatie tussen wetenschap, kunst, cultuur en de stad. Het Universiteitskwartier is een belangrijke speler in het kennis- en innovatie ecosysteem van de Amsterdamse regio en inspirerende omgeving voor iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in wetenschap en cultuur. Kom samen met Campus Amsterdam een kijkje nemen en leer meer over de ontwikkelingen in de binnenstad!

Mis dit niet! Kom samen met Campus Amsterdam een kijkje nemen. Tijdens deze middag maakt u kennis met het Universiteitskwartier en komt u in het bijzonder meer te weten over:

  • hoe via communitybuilding en programmering ontmoeting tussen studenten, medewerkers, kennisinstellingen, creatieve ondernemers, culturele instellingen, bedrijfsleven en bewoners wordt gefaciliteerd;
  • de bundeling van kennis en expertise op het gebied van geesteswetenschappelijke thema’s in de nieuwe Amsterdam Humanities Hub;
  • de fysieke ontwikkeling van het Universiteitskwartier en de samenwerking die de gemeente en UvA zijn aangegaan in een gezamenlijk Strategisch Masterplan.

De meet-up zal plaatsvinden vanaf 15:00 t/m 18:30 op het VOX-POP, binnengasthuisstraat 9.
Meld je aan via hier: https://www.campus.amsterdam/s/article?urlname=MeetupUniversiteitskwartier

Meet-up on Sep 27th
Zéger Nieuweboer, Founder / Teacher at Learning is growing.nl, posted

YIMBY Festival

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The YIMBY (Yes in My Backyard) Festival is an event for people and groups involved – or looking to become involved – in grassroots, locally driven community development in a The Festival is an opportunity for people to gather, spread the word about their work, exchange ideas to effect change and strengthen their networks. It’s a chance to celebrate achievements and identify new challenges and opportunities, in an atmosphere focused on listening, learning and engaging. This one-day event invites community groups from across Arnhem to turn the tables on politicians and policy makers, educating them about the issues that face our city’s communities, as experienced by the community. YIMBY provides an opportunity for neighbours to meet neighbours, residents to meet politicians and politicians to meet community groups in the spirit of people coming together for positive change.

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Wouter Mulders, Communications Coordinator at Drift, posted

Transitiemaker Training

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Arm yourself with the skills and knowledge to shape sustainability and justice transitions. A four-day training program in Dutch for young professionals that want to be transition makers.

Wouter Mulders's picture Masterclass / workshop from Sep 30th to Oct 28th
Andrei Beca, Aquaponics Greenhouse Operator at Metabolic, posted

In-Depth Aquaponics Teachings - Beginners

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Learn the basics of the Aquaponics farming method.

The workshop takes through our 85 sq m greenhouse that hosts various methods of growing with Aquaponics (Deep Water Culture, Media Bed, NFT, Dutch Buckets, Towers, and a Wicking bed - all part of the same system).

Of course, we will not forget the fish and we will take you through our basic aquaculture setup - 2 round fish tanks of 1000 L, each equipped with 750 L mechanical filters and the sump which also acts as a filter.
The course gives you a good start on the journey into aquaponics.

More info here -> https://deceuvel.nl/en/event/in-depth-aquaponics-workshop-metabolic/

Andrei Beca's picture Masterclass / workshop on Sep 3rd
Daniela Guzun, Events Manager at Hyperion Lab, posted

Expertise Day - All the advice you need to Ai-ccelerate your startup.

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Expertise Day - all the advice you need to Ai-ccelerate your startup is happening on the 1st of August.
Join Hyperion Lab for an in-person event to get access to all the experts you need to build and accelerate your startup! 🍃
The day will consist of many workshops and trainings to teach you Product Development, Growth Marketing, Sales & Business Development, Attracting Talent, and more! 📚🙌
We will end the day with drinks and networking so you can build connections with our partners, startups, and key players in the ecosystem 🥂🥳.
Register here 👉👉: https://events.hyperionlab.nl/expertiseday

Daniela Guzun's picture Masterclass / workshop on Aug 1st
Menno Houtstra, chairman cooperative , posted

Climate Fresk Game at the Kaskantine

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After the Climate Fresk game, you will have a clear and thorough understanding of the climate problem. You will get a precise idea of the interrelated causes of climate change and the angles from which the problem should be approached. It is like the mist is clearing up around this complex problem! Even self-declared "climate responsible" people often discover after this game that they had wrong assumptions or ideas about the climate problem that in fact lead to false hopes or fears.

The 3 hours game has been developed in France. It has recently become very popular as a fast education tool, especially for companies that want to position themselves in this field together with all their employees.
The Kaskantine offers its place and platform for trainers and facilitators of the Climate Fresk to have regular sessions and train new facilitators to build this network further. You can do the Climate Fresk also in other cities in the Netherlands and online. 

This time the game is in English, next time in Dutch!

https://climatefresk.org #climatefresk#climatechange#education#kaskantine

Menno Houtstra's picture Meet-up on Jul 2nd
Wouter Mulders, Communications Coordinator at Drift, posted

Reflexive Monitoring Course

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Pioneers struggling with uncertainty & controversy when working on sustainability transitions: you are not alone. Whether you’re facilitating transition experiments around nature based solutions, setting up an innovative project for citizen participation in energy or just eager to learn about reflexive monitoring, our Reflexive Monitoring course will provide you with valuable new approaches and insights.

In this 3-day course, dr. PJ Beers (DRIFT) and dr. Barbara van Mierlo (WUR) will guide you through the ins and outs of reflexive monitoring.

Wouter Mulders's picture Masterclass / workshop from Nov 10th to Feb 16th
Wendolijn Beukers, Project manager , posted

Summerschool: Dilemma's van de slimme stad

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Ben je een jongprofessional en wil je alles leren over de slimme stad? Meld je nu aan voor de Summerschool ‘Dilemma’s van de slimme stad’ op 24, 25 en 26 augustus in Den Haag. Samen met 24 studenten en jongprofessionals werk je in multidisciplinaire teams en bedenk je een vernieuwend concept voor de randvoorwaarden van de digitale transitie.

Deze summerschool wordt georganiseerd door Future City Foundation en het Kennislab voor Urbanisme, in opdracht van Provincie Zuid-Holland en het Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken & Koninkrijksrelaties en in samenwerking met de gemeente Den Haag en LivingLab Scheveningen.

Data: 24, 25 en 26 augustus 2022
Locaties: Den Haag – Scheveningen
Deelname gratis (inclusief overnachtingen en eten en drinken).


Toeslagenaffaire, Chinese camera's of discriminerende AI. Digitalisering en nieuwe technologie stelt ons voor ingewikkelde dilemma's. Hoe willen we deze nieuwe technologie benutten, onder welke voorwaarden? Ga deze zomer mee naar Living Lab Scheveningen, waar smartcityoplossingen in de praktijk worden getest. Tussen de bewoners en bezoekers van Scheveningen. Tijdens de summerschool gaan we met hen in gesprek over de dilemma’s van slimme oplossingen en bedenk je samen met 24 studenten en jongprofessionals een vernieuwd concept voor de randvoorwaarden van de digitale transitie.

Laat je inspireren door experts van de Provincie Zuid-Holland, het Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties (BZK), het Living Lab Scheveningen en vele anderen. Ontdek wat mensen bezighoudt en vertaal dat in een concreet product. Aan het einde van de summerschool presenteer je met je team jullie briljante plan aan de vakjury en wie weet winnen jullie die 2000 euro!


Je bent geschikt als je begrijpt dat er voor ingewikkelde problemen geen eenvoudige antwoorden volstaan. En soms ook wel. Wij zijn blij met omdenkers en dwarskijkers.
Je bent tussen de 18 en 29 jaar, je volgt een hbo- of wo-opleiding of bent net aan het werk (max 3 jaar werkervaring). En je hebt een achtergrond in:

  • ORGANISATIE: rechten, bestuurderskunde, economie
  • SOCIAAL: sociologie, sociale geografie
  • RUIMTE: ruimtelijke ordening, geografie, planologie, stedenbouw
  • DESIGN: product design, multimedia, marketing
  • TECH: geo en media design, game design, computer science / IT en software developing
  • of iets anders interessants, want verder out-of-the-box is ook welkom.

Aan deze summerschool kunnen 24 studenten en jongprofessionals deelnemen. Deelnemen is GRATIS (inclusief overnachtingen en eten en drinken).


Wendolijn Beukers's picture Masterclass / workshop from Aug 24th to Aug 26th
Wouter Mulders, Communications Coordinator at Drift, posted

Gratis proefcollege Reflexief Monitoren

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Als je werkt aan transitie-vraagstukken rondom mobiliteit, energie of circulaire economie, dan kom je veel onzekerheid en controverse tegen. Zie jij ook de noodzaak voor lerend werken? En loop je er ook tegenaan dat jouw organisatie maar beperkte invloed heeft om oplossingen te realiseren?

De methode 'Reflexief Monitoren' helpt hierbij. Omdat je in transitie-opgaven altijd te maken hebt met onverwachte obstakels en kansen, wordt vaak pas tijdens het proces duidelijk wat écht belangrijk is. Dat maakt het lastig om op voorhand te bepalen wat en hoe je moet doen en monitoren. Reflexieve monitoring helpt je het accent van je transitiewerk te verleggen naar leren en bijsturen, gericht op structurele verandering

Op 23 juni 2022 van 09:30-10:30 bieden we je in dit gratis proefcollege de gelegenheid om een indruk te krijgen van de methode ‘Reflexive Monitoring in Action’ en kennis te maken met je potentiële medecursisten, onder leiding van kerndocent en transitie-expert PJBeers (DRIFT & HAS).

Wouter Mulders's picture Lecture / presentation on Jun 23rd
Beth Njeri, Digital Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

Metabolic 2021 Impact Report

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Based on years of research and project work, Metabolic identified six key areas where they'd like to have the greatest impact.

Successfully transitioning these six systems will likely address over 90% of the global negative environmental and humanitarian impacts.

Last year, Metabolic focused on four of them. Their impact report highlights some projects they are particularly proud of.

Check it out in the link below.

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Dana van der Zee, Digital Innovation , posted

The Open Source For Public Services Conference

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Join us for a day of engaging workshops and sessions on solutions, outcomes, and visions that the partner cities and universities have come across during the SCORE project.

This conference aims to bring together the SCORE and OASC community, as well as any other interested parties, in a hybrid event format in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and online worldwide.

The SCORE partners are working together to improve efficiency and quality of public service delivery based on smart, open data driven solutions. Join us for an engaging day focusing on the latest findings within such services and topics - i.e. traffic flow, pollution, drainage, flooding through the use of digital twins, dashboards, registries and more - as we wrap up the SCORE project.

Conference on Jun 8th
Jasmyn Mazloum, Communicatie at Gemeente Almere, posted

Borrel expositie circulaire materialen | PRICE Circulair

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Sinds februari dit jaar hebben hebben we met PRICE onze eigen EXPO in het centrum van Almere. Je vindt in de expo allerlei bouwmaterialen, met name uit Flevoland. Speciaal voor de deelnemende makers, ons netwerk en experts op circulair gebied organiseren we een PRICE EXPO borrel. Meld je hier direct aan.

Voor wie is dit interessant?
Ben je op zoek naar innovatieve bouwmaterialen voor een project? Bijvoorbeeld omdat je inkoper bent, bij een woningcorporatie werkt en graag inspiratie wilt opdoen. Misschien ben je juist op zoek naar gelijkgestemde makers en daarmee een netwerk in Flevoland? Maar, je bent ook welkom als je gewoon nieuwsgierig bent naar de expo.

Wat gaan we doen?
Naast dat we met elkaar kennismaken, is er ook de mogelijkheid voor makers om hun product te pitchen. Interessant als je op zoek bent naar een afnemer of nieuwe partners.

Datum en tijd
24 mei, 16.00 - 18.00

Diagonaal 40, in het stadscentrum van Almere
Parkeren: je kunt parkeren in de Hospitaalgarage, Stadhuisgarage of op parkeerterrein Hennepveld
OV: onze hub ligt op 5 minuten lopen van het station Almere Centrum.

Wat is PRICE?
Praktijk- & Innovatiecentrum Circulaire Economie, zeg maar PRICE. Wij zijn hét circulaire actielab voor Flevolandse doeners. Ondernemers, studenten, docenten, bewoners en overheid – al deze mensen brengen we samen om de nieuwe economie werkelijkheid te maken.

Jasmyn Mazloum's picture Meet-up on May 24th
Nout Keijzer, MSc MADE Student at AMS Institute, posted

Urban Living Lab Summit 2022

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About the Urban Living Lab Summit
The 4th Urban Living Lab Summit will again strengthen the urban living lab community by sharing insights and knowledge about the urban living lab methodologies and experiences.

This year’s Summit will work on four leading themes: The Innovation Arena, Scoping and Scaling, Crossing Boundaries and Breaking Barriers. Find the full day program below, filled with presentations, workshops, living lab tours and open discussions. And don’t forget to claim your seat as in-person tickets are limited.
Get your ticket here:
IN-PERSON tickets
ONLINE tickets

View the ULL Summit program here

Living Lab Essentials
Living labs have proven to be a successful approach for local and regional innovation, while at the same time aiming for co-creation and learning to make a lasting change and create knowledge for further expanding of urban innovative solutions. To enable new participants to gain basic knowledge on Urban living Labs, we also offer an Urban Living Lab mini-training. So, are you starting your own living lab, or are you getting involved? Are you just interested in ways how to experiment in an urban context? This Urban Living Lab pre-summit is something for you. For more information and registration, click here.
This pre-summit event is Monday, June 20 2022 from 13:00 to 16:30 CET time.

More info and tickets
The ULL Summit will be held in a hybrid format. In this way, you can participate to this event IN-PERSON at the AMS-Institute (limited tickets available)! Or do you prefer the online setting or is travelling to Amsterdam not an option? You can also join ONLINE. Both options will give you access to the presentations, workshops. Certain activities such as tour will not be available online, but we do our best to make it a worthy experience.
Get your ticket here:
IN-PERSON tickets
ONLINE tickets

Conference on Jun 21st
Ioana Biris, co owner at Nature Desks, posted

Outdoor Office Day 2022

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Please join us and save this date: the 4th international edition of the #OutdoorOfficeDay will take place on June 16th. A celebration of the connection between urban nature, work and wellbeing.

✨ Keep an eye on our platform www.outdoorofficeday.nl: the coming months we'll share the best practices and insights, cool products, inspiring locations and stories of the frontrunners and local events from all around the world: from Amsterdam to Seoul, Helsinborg to Washington DC, Tokio to The Hague.

Linkedin event - Instagram - Twitter

Do you also prefer to take your work outdoors? Are you meeting your colleagues in a city park close to home? Do you have phone conversations whilst walking outside and do you like to organize #weetings (walking meetings)? When the sun comes out, do you find yourself grabbing a table and chairs from your home or office, placing them on a balcony, on the pavement or garden in order to read or write? Work, well-being and urban nature are indivisibly linked. Today more than ever! Celebrate on 16th of June 2022 the necessity to work more healthily by taking your office outdoors: #outdoorofficeday

Outdoor Office Day is an open invitation. For everyone. It doesn't matter whether you work fulltime from home or are gradually returning to the office. Being self-employed or a manager at a corporate. Join us and participate in 4th edition of the international #OutdoorOfficeDay and prove that you care about your own well-being and that of your colleagues.

Ioana Biris's picture Online event on Jun 16th
Gianluca Cescon, Head of Product - Smart Grids in Off-grid developing countries at Innovatie Studio PostNL, posted

Application of technology to increase disposable income in the household (also by unlocking the potential of the neighbourhood)

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Hello there,
Do you know about initiatives, projects, groups that are working to decrease the cost of living of a Dutch household? Energy, rent, food, care, etc, all those field could be interesting for our research. Successful or less, is not important, I am looking for lessons learnt.

We are an innovation studio funded by PostNL and Dasym looking into Application of technology to increase disposable income in the household (also by unlocking the potential of the neighbourhood).

Let me know if this resonates or rings any bell!

Gianluca Cescon's picture #Citizens&Living
Daniela Guzun, Events Manager at Hyperion Lab, posted

AI & HPC Showcase Party - Hyperion Lab

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May 12, 6 pm, join us for the KICK-OFF SURPRISE PARTY, where we will reveal the hottest AI and HPC Innovations while enjoying cocktails made by a robot bartender. Shaken not stir. 🥂

What to expect?
- See with our eyes how technology brings your ideas into 3D universes.
- How AI is training itself to become smarter.
- How AI will transform the future of the fashion industry.
...But let’s not reveal too much 😏

Attend the event to say goodbye to our first showcasing startups and celebrate their success gained through the work with Hyperion Lab.
And meet the new startups to rock the stage of our showcase program.

😎 Drinks and food on us! You come with enthusiasm.

🚀 Sign up today!

Hyperion Lab is a community-driven project aiming to become the go-to place for AI and HPC innovations.
Our space hosts startup innovations from all around Europe, supporting them with hardware and expertise.
In addition, we host training and events related to the AI and HPC community.
Our mission at Hyperion Lab is to bring together the Dutch and International AI and HPC community within a large-scale smart city in Amsterdam South East. Join our community!

Daniela Guzun's picture Meet-up on May 12th
Manon den Dunnen, Strategisch specialist digitaal , posted

Sensemakers latest on Metaverse/Extended Reality

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This evening we will meet at NewBase on the Marineterrein, after a short introduction about the Metaverse (context and hype) Daniel Doornik and others will share the latest insights and their latest applications in VR, AR and MR.
There also will be the opportunity to try it out!

Really looking forward welcoming you offline again!! As there is limited catering, feel free to bring your own! Presentations usually start at 19h & end around 20.30 with "open mic" when you can share your own story/event/question.

Manon den Dunnen's picture Meet-up on Apr 20th
Tom van Arman, Director & Founder at Tapp, posted

What role do Smart Cities play in a ‘post pandemic’ world?

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PODCAST: In this episode of the Tech Data Tech on Stage podcast we discuss thorny 21st century issues like opting-in and opting out of public space, innovation outpacing governments and planners, hyper transparency = open source & open data, and “greening of IT” versus “greening by IT” . Awesome round table with Lieke Hamers of Dell Technologies, Tom van Arman of TAPP, Markus Pfundstein of LIFE electronic and Kees Tolsma of Tech Data.  A great 30min session moderated by Danny Frietman and produced by Patrick Vogelaar

Stories from the living labs front line: Bureau Marineterrein and Johan Cruijff Arena

Listen on:

Tom van Arman's picture #DigitalCity