A City Made by People #24 x Zoku

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A new year deserves an exciting new line-up of Amsterdammers who’ll share their stories with us, stories full of inspiration and bright ideas!

Secure your seat by purchasing a ticket through iDeal, MasterCard, VISA (http://bit.ly/acmbpeventbrite24) or PayPal! Join us and let's talk about:

Coffee culture with Florian Hessel of Stooker Roasting Co.
Averaging more than 2 cups of coffee per day, it's no secret the Netherlands has an undying love for the dark bean. Joining as our first speaker is Florian, sharing with us insights of Amsterdam's coffee culture and stories of his own local venture, Stooker Roasting Co.

A morning dance party movement with Floris van der Linden of Daybreaker
Kicking the day off with energy and intention is the early morning dance movement Daybreaker, taking over snoozing the alarm in 22 cities worldwide! On stage sharing with us the philosophy and purpose of the movement is Floris, the second speaker at our event.

Amsterdam's tribute to life in the city of bikes with Roos Stallinga of Ride With Me
What sights do you see cycling around the city? Can you even cycle here without getting yelled at? Talking about Amsterdam’s cycling culture with us is Roos Stallinga, artist/writer of Ride With Me Amsterdam & New York.

As always, the speakers start at 19.00, but doors open from 18.30. Come meet us sooner for a little chat!