A City Made By People #25 x Zoku

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After such an amazing first event of the year, we just couldn't wait to come back and bring you more! Join us for a night of inspiration and connection with the lovely company of our city enthusiasts! Let's get ready to talk about:

The inspired ideas of tomorrow with Madelief & Christine of TEDxAUC:
As a selective honors program, TEDxAUC was founded to follow in the footsteps of TED in a more educational environment. Young minds with ‘ideas worth spreading,’ coming together to showcase their inspiration and foster innovation.

The new creative gathering space, MidWest by Dorine Verheul:
MidWest is THE creative gathering place in Amsterdam West; a cultural hotspot for music, theatre, and film in a classical school building. How did this breeding ground come about? What are the stories shared in this space?

Dear Catcallers, a popular street harassment project by Noa Jansma:
Using Instagram as an ingenious way of dealing with our city’s catcallers, Noa was able to raise awareness about the objectification of women in daily life. With this Insta-account, Noa spreads the powerful message of ‘Dear Catcallers, it’s not a compliment.’


As always, the speakers start at 19.00, but doors open from 18.30. Which means you can come meet us a little sooner for a chat!

From 2018 we started to charge a €5 entrance fee to our speaker events. We did this to create a value exchange and keep track of city enthusiasts (like you) attending our event. In return, you'll find inspiration, connection, quality speakers, a fantastic space, and of course.. cold, cold beers!
Get an impression of our event by checking out our past editions and speakers here: https://www.acitymadebypeople.com/topic/events

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