A City Made By People #26 x Zoku

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Last month’s event was a blast! We hope you enjoyed your roses as we, in turn, loved spending our Valentine’s evening with you. Now we’re on to the next! On the 21st of March, we’ll be gathering once again to talk about:

Urban mobility with Mathieu Caudal, Co-Founder & Growth of unu
As our guest speaker flying in from Berlin, let’s welcome Mathieu Caudal of unu. Mathieu focuses on increasing global competitiveness and strategic growth of unu. He takes care of projects in the areas of manufacturing, supply chain management and innovation. He is also afraid of dogs.

Amsterdam’s cuisine with Laura de Grave, Author of Amsterdam Cookbook
In her cookbook, Laura introduces her favourite Amsterdam restaurants and teams up with the city’s chefs to prepare typical Amsterdam dishes that have become indelible features of the local cuisine. She invites us into the kitchen where she reveals not only the recipes themselves, but also the stories behind each dish.

Cleaning up our city’s canals with Pauline de Boer of Plastic Whale
Plastic Whale is the first professional plastic fishing company in the world. A social enterprise with a mission: make the world's waters plastic free again while creating economic value from plastic waste and involving as many people as possible.


As always, the speakers start at 19.00, but doors open from 18.30 on. Which means you can come meet us a little sooner for a chat!

Starting Jan 2018, we started to charge a €5,30 entrance fee to our speaker events. We did this to create a value exchange and keep track of city enthusiasts (like you) attending our event. In return, you'll find inspiration, connection, quality speakers, a fantastic space, and of course... cold, cold beverages!

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