Vehicle2Grid closing conference

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How will we charge our electrical devices in the future, how will we generate energy? Vehicle2Grid is the smart city solution for smart grids including electrical car charging and has been piloted in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Vehicle2Grid team likes to share where Vehicle2Grid is today and what is needed for further uptake. Join them and share your views.


Interview with Jacco van der Burg – Engie about the why and the now of Vehicle2Grid.
Robert van den Hoed – HvA presents the projects three characteric business models and gives an overview of similar initiatives in Europe

Vehicle2Home: A presentation about the technical set-up by Tijs Lagerweij
Introducing our participants: An inside view

Panel discussion with Paul Bierman – Alliander, Marisca Zweistra – City-zen, Hugo Niesing – SEEV4City and Rogier Wissink – Mitsubishi about what’s next

Reflection by Vivienne Tersteeg – RVO



Potential business models for V2X – Presentation and discussion on possible (future) business models for V2X. Join Engie and Mitsubishi to talk about V2X. According to you, which models seem most promising from a commercial perspective?

What’s next? – New initiatives on V2X in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and beyond. Who’s working on them and how can we stimulate scaling?Join Amsterdam Smart City and discuss your idea or project. Exchange with other innovators to boost your initiative.
Regulatory barriers for V2X: small step or big hurdle? – Different regulatory and fiscal barriers restrict the possibilities for scaling up the V2X concept. What are these barriers and how can we overcome them? Join HvA and Alliander who are composing an overview of the main barriers and are looking for your input!

Public values and V2X – is it Democracy by Design? – The V2X concept has a relation with public values such as equality, inclusivity and autonomy. In this workshop we will discuss this relation and think about how we can make the impact of V2X positive, taking into account our democratic values. Join Alliander and share your ideas on how V2X can be designed in a fair way from the start!


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