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How can we transition The Netherlands to 100% sustainable energy? We need data, technology, and creative thinkers like you! Do you (and your team) have the skills or ideas to come up with a solution in 48 hours? Register for the hackathon now, for free!

During the Energy Hack NL, energy companies Enpuls and Enexis Netbeheer, in collaboration with TU Eindhoven, Microsoft, TNO, FAN and UtrechtInc, will give 80 hackers and innovators (including their own employees) a unique testing environment. We’ll make relevant datasets and APIs available, linked to the city of Eindhoven and the theme Smart Energy. The hackathon challenges you to develop concepts using for instance data science, internet of things, blockchain, ...

You can count on experts to help, an all-inclusive weekend and of course the unmistakable atmosphere of a hackathon. Enpuls and Enexis Netbeheer will award the best teams with prizes totalling €7000 in value!

Challenge 1: Flexibel Energy
Challenge 2: Sustainable Urban Development
Challenge 3: Sustainable Mobility

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gerald lindner's picture
gerald lindner

Thanks, I do, I will and am investing accordingly, but just not within such a setting. And lets be honest the solution on a houshold level is not that complicated. And please do define "relevant people" :) As long as we have a minister and energy loby that can get a away with this: "Kolencentrales krijgen 3,6 miljard euro voor bijstook biomassa" well, I much rather choose myself who I consider relevant.

Adriaan van Eck's picture
Adriaan van Eck

Hi Gerald. If you have a great idea, team, or solution, and the right mindset, show it to relevant people in the energy field and convince them to go along with you. Then, endless possibilities may arise. That is the concept of a hackathon: the first step towards innovation.

gerald lindner's picture
gerald lindner

You must be joking...wasn't the saying: pay peanuts get monkeys?. Seeing what you are asking you have quite a nerve offering a mere €7000,- instead of €7.000.000,- . Seeing the stakes....transition of The Netherlands to 100% sustainable energy...maybe even that is unreasonably timmid.