Long live Amsterdam: Evgeny Morozov - the digital city

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Who controls our city? Its citizens, its politicians, or its companies and technologies that operate outside of our visible democratic realm, such as Uber and AirBnb. When discussing the future of Amsterdam, it is impossible to do so without reflecting on the role that digital technologies play, for example “smart” technologies that are meant to make life in Amsterdam easier. Who owns and profits from these technologies? Do they make all of our lives better or just the lives of the lucky few? One of the world’s most renowned internet critics Evgeny Morozov will share his vision on the relation between cities and technology and how this analysis fits within a broader critique of increasingly digitized and financialized capitalism. A story that directly relates to Amsterdam and its decision-making in the coming years.

Internet critic, philosopher and scholar Evgeny Morozov has for years shaken up the public debate about technology and internet with his visions – that are often diametrically opposed to predominant truths. In his book To save the world, click here! Morozov argues that you can’t solve political problems with technological solutionism, even in a city like Amsterdam. After his lecture, Morozov will discuss the specific situation in Amsterdam with politicians, experts and stakeholders. Please watch this site for the line-up.

About Long Live Amsterdam
The stakes were high for our national elections, but for the people who want to exert influence on their local neighborhood, community and streets, the municipal elections of March 21th 2018 is a crucial moment. What should Amsterdam be like in ten years from now? Amsterdam is more crowded than ever, the housing market is under pressure and tension between poor and rich, white and black and low and high educated people is still there. That’s why De Balie invites interesting international and national speakers to fuel the debate in Amsterdam with their vision and expertise. All visions will come together in the run-up to the big municipal debate organized on March 20th!