Change wet areas and dry areas into fruitful crops with Liquid Nanoclay

Looking for support to get funds for this great idea, patents over 40 countries
including Africa, UAE, India and China

call me on 0031 -06 532 40 595

Making Smart Cities Green, from you balcony in Amsterdam towards the dry garden plots in Dubai, from wet sand and dry desert sand

results changing sand to fertile soil with us:
-education and agricultural jobs with Universities
-less water needed to grow plant and crop roots 400% faster
-more trees for transforming carbonoxide to oxygen
-more fruit and vegetables for poor people
-better compost, more energy opportunities
-opportunity for growth saltwater and sweetwater plants
-nanoclay can be used for plants outdoor and indoor at schools, roof gardens, parks and beaches
-non toxic method for faster organic growth
-legal in all areas
-patented for more than 20 years
-sustainabillity fro farmers, greenhouse and land turnkey projects
-market size more than 50 Billion $ market for agricultural support and solution to world wide access of better soil
-ROI is huge for every 1$ the return of fertile soil and crops for trade are 2$ gross profit
(1:3) sales conversion


Michiel Zwerus's picture
Michiel Zwerus

Hi Maud, of course :), it has the primary goal to support food and animal feed soil in poor areas. But works well in"rich wet countries" as well e.g. project for Hemweg -Van de Bron project, new park (grass, plants, trees, green house) all grow 4x faster than normal soil! and supported by the WWF World Wildlife Fund: WWF - Endangered Species Conservation

Maud Lange's picture
Maud Lange

Could this be the solution to the massive famine and starvation in some countries?