[Long-read]: The quest for mobility solutions

We don’t need to look that far in the future to see the mobility challenges of Amsterdam. The number of people visiting, living and working in Amsterdam continues to rise and big events such as EURO2020 and SAIL2020 will have a significant impact.

According to the most recent population forecast, the city of Amsterdam will have more than 1 million inhabitants in 2040 and tourism is expected to grow from 18 million people per year in 2018 to 23 million people per year in 2023. Inevitably, issues such as congestion, the misalignment of the supply and demand for public transport and air pollution are placing growing pressure on the city.

Given these competing demands for the use of public space, Amsterdam is urgently seeking innovative solutions for sustainable, reliable and inclusive mobility. The overall goal is to keep the city liveable and accessible and its citizens healthy and mobile.

Celebrating the 5-year anniversary of AMS Institute, we are launching a series of long-reads. In these long-reads, we attempt to untangle the urban challenges, celebrate successes, collaborations, steps forward, solutions we worked on and the impact we've created over the past 5 years - together with our partners.

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