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Amsterdam Smart City is receiving more requests from international delegations interested in exchanging experiences and establishing collaborations on smart city topics.

We are looking for experts, companies and start-ups in our community who would like to share their knowledge, expertise and services with these visiting delegations.

If you are interested then please email with answers to the following questions:
1. Which delegation you would like to meet with?
2. Do you prefer to meet with the group at the Amsterdam Smart City location at the Marineterrein or at your office?
3. What times are you available to meet with the group?
4. A short description of your presentation / product and how this information will benefit the visiting delegation.

Summary of requests:

1. Delegation overview: National Association of Young Entrepreneurs // 17 young leaders // Focus on social digital innovation, social entrenreunuership, circular economy, sustainable development // Visit 2-3 Aug

Delegation summary: This group of Young Entrepreneurs is on a study visit of the Netherlands and Belgium to explore successful examples of social entrepreneurship with a focus on circular economy and sustainable development.

2. Delegation overview: Germany // 8 municipal mobility professionals // Focus on smart mobility and cycling-inclusive planning // Visit on Aug 1 or in September

Delegation summary: This is a visit by the City of Leverkusen Mobility Department, including the Mobility Manager with a focus on: 1. Promotion of electric mobility, parking regulation, tax benefits, 2. Promotion of bicycle-mobility and facilities, 3.How municipalities/ local councils and provinces organize their mobility management

3. Delegation overview: Finland // Focus area redevelopment, master planning, flexible and circular urban development // Visit 22-23 Sept

Delegation summary: This delegation is leading the development of Hiedanranta in Tampere, Finland. Their key topics of interest are: 1. flexible city concepts implementing new circular solutions; 2. Circular construction/built environment, 3. Mobility: how to enable green transport & car sharing, 4. Furthering circular business models, sharing economy solutions, wellbeing, social equality and diversity (enabled by smart solutions), 5. urban food production 6. communicating and branding circular solutions to residents, visitors, companies and investors.

4. Delegation overview: Japan // Visit by Toshiba Toko Meter Systems // Focus on smart meters // Visit on 4 Oct.

Delegation summary: This delegation is interested in: 1. Smart meters and energy-saving devices and 2. Micro-grids and vehicle-to-grid applications.

5. Delegation overview: France // Focus on smart / energy efficient buildings // Visit on 6 or 13 Oct

Delegation summary: This is a visit by a group of architects and engineers from EDF (French energy supplier) interested in energy efficient and healthy buildings / built environment at Zuidas.

If you have any questions or would like further information about this program please email


Malou Brantjes's picture
Malou Brantjes

Sharing your smart city solutions with incoming international delegations could be the perfect start of building your international network and expanding your business abroad. Amsterdam trade has signaled the above mentioned incoming delegations as interesting for companies with both smart city solutions and international ambitions.