The Amsterdam Smart City network is expanding again!

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The year 2022 has just begun and we already have some exciting news for our community. We are happy to announce that in the last half year we’ve expanded our partner network again. This time not with one, not two, but with no less than three new partners: the Province of Flevoland, Cenex Netherlands and Deloitte. We are very happy that these three parties have become partners of Amsterdam Smart City and want to give them a warm welcome!

The Province of Flevoland is the youngest province of The Netherlands. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area includes Flevoland’s cities Almere and Lelystad. The connection between these cities and regions is very important because smart city developments in cities and regions are inextricably linked. People move between cities, materials flow through regions and energy innovations in one area affect people in other areas. Cooperation is needed. That is why Flevoland is a wonderful addition to our network.

To accelerate transitions, we need to collaborate, share knowledge and inspire each other. Cenex NL specialises in zero-emission vehicle and energy infrastructure, smart mobility, and related circular economy applications. It is their mission to support others in making the world a better place to live and travel in. Cenex NL develops useful knowledge and therefore helps partners to get a step further.

Accelerating transitions means working on business models, especially new business models. This knowledge is very needed in our network, a valuable contribution Deloitte can make. With their insights, research and views, Deloitte helps partners to thrive in a changing world.

Let’s continue to work together and create better streets, neighbourhoods and cities!

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