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Cenex Nederland (Cenex NL), officially established in June 2018, is an independent not-for-profit Consultancy and Research Technology Organisation. We specialise in zero-emission vehicle and energy infrastructure, smart mobility, and related circular economy applications. Our mission is to support our customers and partners in making the world a better place to live and travel in.



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Floris Teunissen, Assistant technical specialist at Cenex NL, posted

LEVIS: Advanced Light materials for sustainable Electrical Vehicles by Integration of eco-design and circular economy Strategies

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The automotive sector is the second largest contributor to CO2 emissions globally. Even though car manufacturers push forward the development of electric vehicles (EVs), the current market penetration is still relatively low. Developing lightweight materials is an essential step to increase EV adaptation since a reduced weight results in improved vehicle efficiency and increased range.

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Jorden van der Hoogt, Technical Specialist at Cenex NL, posted

Cenex-LCV 2020 Event

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Hello! Next week the Cenex-LCV and Cenex-CAM 2020 event will take place on 18th and 19th November. A yearly event organised by our partner Cenex in the UK. Normally, this is a physical event at the Millbrook proving ground just outside Milton Keynes receiving nearly 5000 visitors in 2019. Due to the Covid-19 situation, this event will now take place online.

It is a 2-day event, covering the newest developments in clean and smart mobility. You can browse through the full seminar program here: https://www.cenex-lcv.co.uk/seminars

If you see a session you would like to attend, register for free and mark the timeslot on your agenda. Visit the following link to reserve your virtual seat: https://register.cenexevents-2020.co.uk/cenex-lcv-cam

Besides the seminars, you can visit exhibitors virtually and start a chat if you wish. We as Cenex Nederland will also be present and host one of the technical talk seminar session. Stop by for a visit next week!

Hoping to see you there!

Jorden van der Hoogt's picture Online event from Nov 18th to Nov 19th
Jorden van der Hoogt, Technical Specialist at Cenex NL, posted

Two different technical specialist job opportunities

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Are you interested in a career where you help shape the future of mobility? We are looking to potentially hire two Technical Specialists to join our team on a full-time (37 hours per week) / permanent basis. The roles of Technical Specialists cover a range of expertise and experience levels. You would become part of a small but growing team of experts in Amsterdam. We also work closely with our strategic partner Cenex in the UK. Cenex Nederland is a relatively flat organisation, fostering a work environment where we both support each other and encourage self-initiative and independence, and where communication is key.

For the current positions, we are looking for people with a good match in two different specialism areas. Does this peak your interest? Check out both applications, download the individual job vacancy specs on our website:

Technical Specialist – Circular, LCA and Eco-design
Technical Specialist – Zero-Emission and Smart Mobility

Please read the vacancies for further details and how to apply. We would love to hear from you!

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Jorden van der Hoogt, Technical Specialist at Cenex NL, posted

Energy synergies in transportation hubs & smart charging pilots

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Free webinar organised by Cenex Nederland and Stevin

Free online event | June 10 15:00 – 17:00 CET

Energy systems are becoming more complex and decentralised due to the increasing production of renewable energy sources and energy storage systems and their specific constraints in flexibility and availability. In addition, the increased need for the charging of electric mobility, especially in transportation-hubs, create serious societal challenges. These developments ask for a smarter way of dealing with energy supply and demand and require a better use of existing and new infrastructure.

Energy-hubs and smart charging technologies can provide solutions to address the challenges we are currently facing or will be facing soon. In this webinar Stevin and Cenex Nederland will give two keynotes on these subjects. Stevin is a management consultancy firm that is specialised in Asset Management in energy and mobility infrastructure. Its experience with municipalities, grid operators and (public) transport authorities has enabled Stevin to create a framework to achieve successful energy-hubs. Cenex Nederland is an Amsterdam based non-for-profit organisation delivering research and consultancy projects in zero emission vehicle technology and related infrastructure. Cenex Nederland works together with its strategic partner in the UK, Cenex (est. 2005).

This webinar is interesting for you if you are involved in:

  • The development of transportation-hubs
  • The electrification of (public) mobility
  • Procuring and implementing solutions for energy distribution and charging infrastructure
  • Incorporating the Renewable Energy Directive (RED2) and Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPDB)
  • Developing city strategies for energy transition and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs)
  • Built environment energy- and fleet management

Session 1 Energy-hubs

Keynote speaker(s): Rogier Pennings & Luuk van Loosdrecht (STEVIN)

The rapid electrification of public mobility has a big impact on transportation-hubs due to the growing need for charging infrastructure. Coordination between municipalities, grid operators, public transport providers and nearby companies is fundamental to make these hubs efficient, both on an economic, environmental and social level. Such coordination will transform a transportation-hub into an energy-hub with various use-cases. Stevin gives a keynote on the concept of energy-hubs and the possible synergies and challenges that emerge while developing these energy-hubs.

In this session you will learn:

  • What energy-hubs are and how these relate to the energy transition and transportation-hubs.
  • The opportunities and challenges that are ahead of us and the role of stakeholders.
  • Our roadmap towards successful energy-hubs.

Session 2 Lessons learnt in procuring smart charging technologies

Keynote speaker(s): Esther van Bergen & Jorden van der Hoogt (CENEX NEDERLAND)

Electric driving is on the rise, and as a result you can see more and more EVs driving through the streets. But this also means that each of these vehicles needs to be charged by electricity, adding stress to the electricity grid. To address these challenges, smart technologies are developed to help reduce load on the net, match supply and demand in a more decentralised energy system and optimise the use of renewable energy. This keynote is based on the learnings from the Interreg SEEV4-City project, which includes six real-life operational pilots in four different (North Sea Region) countries. We will highlight practical insights from and explore the potential for wider-scale application of, the different solutions used.

In this session you will learn:

  • Where we stand in terms of charging technology developments.
  • How you can charge more EVs while reducing the need of grid investments.
  • What challenges you may face in procuring, installing and operating the equipment.
  • What the potential and barriers of wider adoption of different solutions may be.
Jorden van der Hoogt's picture Online event on Jun 10th
Esther van Bergen, General Manager at Cenex NL, posted

1 minute video update from 'CleanMobilEnergy' Nottingham pilot

New video shining light on CleanMobilEnergy project pilot progress at Nottingham City Council. Smart integration of EV, Electric Vehicles, Solar Renewable Energy. V2G vehicle2grid, energy management system.

In this 'Mobile Minute#2' Katie Greenhalgh, Energy Projects Manager (NCC), shares a pilot update from a PV system installation in city pilot, Nottingham

More on the project:

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Esther van Bergen, General Manager at Cenex NL, posted

Electromobility in practice – solutions, experiences & lessons learned

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Registrations open for joint CleanMobilEnergy and SEEV4-City Electromobility Workshop, on 17 October 2018 in Paris

The European INTERREG projects CleanMobilEnergy (CME) and SEEV4-City join forces to organise the "Electromobility in practice – solutions, experiences & lessons learnt" Workshop in Paris on 17 October 2018. The meeting is organised back-to-back with AUTONOMY & the Urban Mobility Summit (https://www.autonomy.paris)

The workshop will take place on 17 October 2018, in Paris. Cities and regions are invited to this meeting to exchange about their own experiences, challenges and solutions regarding the deployment of electromobility solutions in urban areas. The workshop will be structured as follows:

Presentations of solutions implemented in projects (focus on electric charging infrastructure, energy management, and Vehicle to Grid) by city representatives
Discussions in small groups among public authorities and other electromobility experts on, e.g.:
- City needs & requirements;
- Intelligent Energy Management system;
- Social/Societal acceptance;
- Policy context ;
- Business models;
- EU legal aspects
- Wrap-up & conclusions

The workshop will be followed on 18 October 2018 by a dedicated 'Electromobility roll-out in Cities' session at AUTONOMY & the Urban Mobility Summit.

Representatives of public authorities and the private sector will exchange views and ideas about challenges and solutions for the deployment of electromobility solutions in urban areas, and energy management.

More information:
Registrations are open! Please use the Registration link
Reimbursement: Cities and regions are eligible for the reimbursement of travel costs. The funding is limited, therefore, please, contact Polis to ensure your reimbursement: GLozzi@polisnetwork.eu and/or RTinga@polisnetwork.eu
AUTONOMY the Urban Mobility Summit: city and policymakers attendees are eligible for a free ticket. To get a free pass, register here by 31st August.

Esther van Bergen's picture Event from Oct 17th to Oct 18th
Esther van Bergen, General Manager at Cenex NL, posted

LCV 2018 - Low Carbon Vehicle Event

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Cenex-LCV showcases electric, connected and autonomous vehicle innovation

The last 12 months have seen accelerating progress towards the mass adoption of low carbon vehicles. Resulting in, for example, the UK government’s recent Road to Zero strategy announcement, which aims to see at least half of new cars ultra-low emission by 2030. This is reflected in the expanded range of activities and expected record attendees at the forthcoming Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Event (Cenex-LCV2018). Held for its 11th year, the free-to-attend event will take place on 12th and 13th September 2018 at Millbrook in Bedfordshire.

The biggest event of its type in the UK, Cenex-LCV2018 provides an opportunity to showcase the latest technology, network with the wider industry, and hear about the latest innovation through its largest-ever speaker programme. Over 4,000 visitors are expected to attend from across the globe, with a particular focus on international automotive players.

This year’s Cenex-LCV event also has a number of new features offering companies, universities and project consortia the opportunity to showcase the latest developments and results, including demonstrating and presenting to both a UK and an international audience.

More generally, the number of exhibitors has increased to 220, thanks to the addition of two new halls and the expansion of existing space. Exhibitors across the three indoor halls will include motor manufacturers, Tier 1s, technology companies and universities, as well as a particularly strong turnout from the UK electric vehicle supply equipment sector, for which the Cenex-LCV event is the main showcase of the year.

The outdoor exhibition space will again host a broad range of vehicles, with over 120 on display - many of which will be available for ride & drive. These vehicles will include some equipped with new leading edge technologies in prototype form. (Note: be sure to download your drivers license code @ https://www.cenex-lcv.co.uk/ride-drive)

This largest-ever seminar programme will see over 90 speakers share their expertise in discussions, seminars and workshops, including trends in electric vehicles (EVs) and e-mobility; ultra-low emissions vehicle (ULEV) policy and market trends; smart charging solutions for EV business fleets; and digital and design engineering.

Cenex also welcomes the ZEV summit to Cenex-LCV 2018

The UK will host the world’s first zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) summit in Birmingham on 11th September 2018. Demonstrating the UK’s position at the forefront of low carbon vehicle technology innovation, the ZEV summit will be linked to Cenex-LCV 2018. ZEV attendees will be visiting Cenex-LCV2018 on 12th September, enabling them to see new technologies first hand and providing exhibitors with the chance to network with the widest-possible audience. It will raise the profile of UK low carbon and zero-emission vehicle activities on an international stage.

Esther van Bergen's picture Event from Sep 12th to Sep 13th