Thesis research on the influence of decision-makers on Amsterdam's Energy Metabolism

For my master thesis I am looking into the influence that key-decision-makers exert on the energy metabolism in Amsterdam.
Who are the key-decision-makers? They are all those stakeholders who have, or might have, a strong decisional power that has effects not only on him/herself but that affects a bigger group (e.g. a company, home owners or inhabitants in general, the municipality, a political party or a political campaign, a local project, ecc.). These decision-makers may be working in very different field (architecture, ICT, technology development, energy provider, governmental institutions, ecc) but, to be included in my research, they need to be involved in the energy system and/or take decisions that concerns energy measures or technologies, and possibly their decisional power need to be related to the city of Amsterdam.
Are you a key-decision-makers? If so, please fill in my questionnaire, it will take up to 8 minutes. Thanks!


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Carlos Varela Martín

Hi there. So, we are supervising a group of University of Utretch students, who are working on policy making and demand-side management. They have a very fine section in their monography, where they interview experts related with mobility and energy solutions. They have the deadline next Friday... I can pass you what they got. What's your email?

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Francesca Klack

@carlosvarelamartn as and Industrial Ecologist and as a member of Resourcefully, your input would also be highly appreciated!

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Annelies Van der Stoep

@ewoudvos @antonstekelenburg Input from DNV GL is highly appreciated. Could you have a look and help Francesca out?

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Annelies Van der Stoep

@gerbaron1 @bobmantel @tijsroelofs input from municipal site is highly appreciated by Francesca!