Partnership in Environmental Conservation in Malaysia

Human economic activities are sources for pollution and this objective will contribute to raising the public awareness on this issue. On the other hand, the pollution issues are linked with the sustainable development and the health status of the people. Pollution is the cause/reason for many problems, coming from different perspectives and requires an appropriate answer.
The objective of the Return to Blue River Project for Klang River is to improve the welfare of the population along Kuala Lumpur region by cleaning up serious mercury pollution in area adjacent to the Klang River, providing a safe, secure and cost effective alternative source of water supply to meet growing needs of local water users, and restoring flow control in the river for flood management and ecological purposes.
Our method in river restoration is by using Activated EM mudballs. EM has a broad application. EM has no adverse effects on and is beneficial to plants, animals, and humans. Very simply put, EM lives off our waste while we live off "their waste". Their waste simply translates to a healthy environment for us in which EM becomes inactivated, therefore, a mutual existence can be had. EM only creates the condition for best results, that is, the users should nurture the condition and provide the resources for EM to perform optimally.
Applied to polluted and putrefactive water, EM holds a dominant position in the layer of microorganisms and help ecosystems revive and reduce sludge and foul odors. The purpose of EM application is not to create apparently-clear water by chemical means but to revive the native function of aquatic ecosystem. In this sense, Depending on the overload of drainage and the volume of water, the amount and the frequency of Application of EM should be various.
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