Help us make the logistics within the Amsterdam metropolitan area zero-emission!

In 2018, the Board will strive for realizing the initiative ‘Green Deal Zero Emission Stadslogistiek (ZES) in the Amsterdam metropolitan area. Governments, companies and knowledge institutions are therefore working together in order to make goods transportation emission free by 2025.
Do you have an interesting initiative, or are you – along with other parties – part of a project that focuses on cleaner and more sustainable goods transportation? Share this with us before the end of March. For, towards the end of April we will start an ‘online display’. In it, all currently active projects/initiatives around sustainable city-logistics within the metropolitan area are going to be presented. This will offer a clear overview of all the initiatives already running, furthermore, it might inspire others to get started on zero-emission urban transport.
We are therefore calling everyone to enrol, regardless of whether you’re a big or small initiative. There are already countless transporters in the Amsterdam metropolitan area that contribute to this much needed improvement/change. The first step is to make them visible for other interested parties, in order for the latter to be able to find and join initiatives and/or to share their knowledge and expertise. The next step is to scale up successful local initiatives, from being regional to becoming nationwide and even worldwide projects.
Is your organization/business/company committed to clean and smart urban logistics, and do you believe others can learn from your experience(s)? Then sign your-self/company up! We’re not only looking for companies with, for instance, a sustainable and smart way of transportation, but also for interesting/innovative collaborations that contribute to clean and green city transportation.
You can sign up by sending an e-mail to


Rolinka Kok's picture
Rolinka Kok

Hi Herman, De Roadmap die vanavond wordt gepresenteerd richt zich op de gebouwde omgeving. GDZES gaat specifiek over stadslogistiek binnen die gebouwde omgeving. Mocht je meer informatie over beide projecten willen, stuur me gericht een e-mail, dan zet ik die uit bij mijn collega's!

Herman van den Bosch's picture
Herman van den Bosch

How does this initiative relate to the Energy Transmission Roadmap to be presented tonight?