Looking for employers that seek to be talent-proof for the future

What does employment look like in the future? What are the major influences that change your business model - hence your need for talent and skills in your organization? We want to know your view on the future of the labor market in order to anticipate talent and skills shortages in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

By participating in the research 'Jobs of the Future' - focused on employers in the Metropolitan Area of Amsterdam - you gain insight in how work in general and needs for skills and talent in particular, are changing. By collecting the needs and prospects for future skills and talent, we can improve the adaptivity of the the regional labor market - strengthening our education system and minimizing the transition from learning to work. By collaborating we make the labor market the most adaptive of Europe - ensuring your organization is ready for the future!

More information:

Interested and willing to participate? please send your contact details to m.vanvliet@amecboard.com.

Please, don't hesitate to forward this message.


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Nancy Zikken

@rogierhavelaar & @rozemarijndefeijter since PostNL is working on some interesting new business developments, would you like to join on this one?