Looking for internship opportunity

My name is Tushar Narula and I am a sophomore at UC Berkeley pursuing Sustainable Environmental Design concentrating in Business, Economic Policy. I am also pursuing certifications in design innovation and technology entrepreneurship. I have always been involved in the field of sustainable cities and their development. Being fortunate enough to gain experience from various companies and research projects. I have always passionately explored different parts of the field including consulting, developing and shaping different projects.

These opportunities have provided me with a world exposure. I have also been constantly involved in the development of sustainability on campus and also made a smart campus club for the Berkeley campus. I was wondering if there would be any possibility that I could work with the Amsterdam smart city in the form of an internship and learn more as well as contribute.it could be as short as 1-2 weeks and I would not be looking for a pay but would be really eager to gain this as an opportunity and learn so much more about the field.