Looking for IT/ICT-driven initiatives and projects in circular and sharing economy

I'm a researcher in entrepreneurship at the Smart City Academy of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. We would like to start a new research project where we explore expertise development in collaborating entrepreneurs and business modeling. Therefore, we are looking for entrepreneurs that are launching new initiatives/ projects that are 1) IT/ ICT-driven, and 2) in circular and/ or sharing economy. We execute action research where we also provide practical advice/ solutions to opportunities and challenges that entrepreneurs encounter.


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Lois Hendrikse

Afternoon Richard,
I am an IBL student interning at Ekinnolab, a company which supports the development of SmartCities. We create app's which aid urban mobility. I am also writing my bachelor's thesis on these topics, let me know if we can be of help to eachother. My email is Lois.Hendrikse@ekinnolab.eu

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Richard Martina

Hi Beate. Thanks for reaching out to me. I will send you an email.

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Beate Bouwman

Dear Richard,
we would like to get in touch regarding our circular, technical driven residential development, which operates a.o. on the intersection between smart home/smart city and has a collaborative approach. We have some researchers from TU Delft dealing with different aspects related to city development which might be interesting for you and had some master students from the HVA, too. We focus on student- and startershousing which makes it very attractive to young people. If this sounds interesting, please contact me at beate@woodyshousing.com or info@residentiallivinglab.org

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Richard Martina

Hi Helma. Thank you for your reaction. I will send you an email.

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Helma Schenkeveld

Hello Richard Martina,
I am interested in a meeting with you, to talk about the possibilities of working together. I am a partner of De Fietscoalitie Smart City, and at this moment we are working on a program for smart sharing mobility. If you are also interested, you can send me an email to helma@fietscoalitiesmartcity.nl