Looking for Thesis research topics and opportunities on Smart city concept

Hello to all members,
I have been following what people are talking about here and the more I read, the more I want to contribute in a way to help the development of smart cities knowledge.
As a short intro about myself, I have completed my 4 semesters of my master's program in "Infrastructure planning" at the University of Stuttgart and the next thing to get my degree is to do my master research thesis. I have a desire to do a research that focuses on the greater society and solving issues for people/planet, and I believe smart cities can offer that.

To be clear, I am not interested in doing research for i.e. "best practices inside a company to develop x,y,z"; but looking for topics such as "How to deal with the climate change, migration, energy problems and how smart cities can help?"

I would like to ask the community's suggestions to what are, in your opinion, important research topics worth of digging in; and secondly, if you know a company that might need me.

Key words: smart grids, smart energy, renewable energy, blockchain, IoT, transportation, community, sharing economy, citizens empowerment; government; buildings; circular economy;

I'm very curious what you have on your mind, so please share it with me. Thank you!

Best regards,

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Luc Baardman🏃☕️

Hi Vidit, did you find a topic yet? I'm curious to hear all about it. Also, if you want more information on certain topics, I would suggest to place a comment under the interesting articles you've read on our platform in which case the author will be notified.