Sustainable energy is the future. The city of Amsterdam has the ambition to provide every citizen with a solar panel in the next years. How do you contribute? Share your innovative initiatives on energy here.

Peter Martensson, posted

Looking for real estate owners/developers that want to cut energy consumption to below the EU 2020 standards

We work to reduce energy consumption in all types of buildings, we have an average energy reduction of 78% compared to traditional systems. I am looking for developers/projects that want to know more about how to reduce energy consumption and be way below the 2020 EU standards.

The system works in both new construction as well as in existing buildings, in both heavy and light construction. It is also compatible with all existing heating sources, as well as solar panels, and battery cells. Innenco customizes the system based on the architecture of each object, as a standard, we will give you an exact calculation on the energy saving if you send us a blueprint of the building.

You can contact me via email:

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Ismay Dotinga, Community Manager at A Lab Amsterdam, posted

Vertical Farmers wanted!

Hey, are you interested in learning about vertical farming and have a few hours a week to help us out? We are looking for people who want to learn how to grow food indoors in our brand new vertical farm. We'll train you and make you part of our team of vertical farmers. In return we hope you will help us seed, monitor, grow and harvest the farm. (and of course take some great healthy food home). We just organized the first volunteer meeting last week, but it's not too late to take part in this project.

If you are interested, get in touch through

Here in A Lab we are very aware that the coming 20 years or so will have far-reaching consequences for the earth and its inhabitants. As a community, we want to tackle these challenges head-on, using the latest technologies to help us become more sustainable and less wasteful. Community-funded projects such as the A Lab Vertical Farm allow us to utilize our members' skillsets in a way that is both useful to us and interesting to outside observers.

The community funded and run A Lab Vertical Farm explores the way we will grow food in the 21st century. How can new technologies help us build a more sustainable, clean and safe ecosystem around food production and consumption? The crops from this farm will be used by The Coffee Virus. The data collection will add to our future knowledge base. Next to this, the farm will also educate 500 children about the future of food and healthy living.

More info on:

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Erik Knol, posted

Survey for SME: Needs regarding applied research in energy transition

Dear SME,

Are you an innovator in the energy transition? Do you want to collaborate with universities of applied sciences? We would like to hear about your needs regarding applied research that could strengthen your innovation and product/services developments.

Please participate in this online questionnaire (in Dutch):

Our inquiry is supported by the Dutch Topsector Energy and several universities of applied sciences across the Netherlands.

Thank you, and don't hesitate to contact me for further info!
Erik Knol (+31 646 20 78 58)

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Vidit Madan, posted

Looking for Thesis research topics and opportunities on Smart city concept

Hello to all members,
I have been following what people are talking about here and the more I read, the more I want to contribute in a way to help the development of smart cities knowledge.
As a short intro about myself, I have completed my 4 semesters of my master's program in "Infrastructure planning" at the University of Stuttgart and the next thing to get my degree is to do my master research thesis. I have a desire to do a research that focuses on the greater society and solving issues for people/planet, and I believe smart cities can offer that.

To be clear, I am not interested in doing research for i.e. "best practices inside a company to develop x,y,z"; but looking for topics such as "How to deal with the climate change, migration, energy problems and how smart cities can help?"

I would like to ask the community's suggestions to what are, in your opinion, important research topics worth of digging in; and secondly, if you know a company that might need me.

Key words: smart grids, smart energy, renewable energy, blockchain, IoT, transportation, community, sharing economy, citizens empowerment; government; buildings; circular economy;

I'm very curious what you have on your mind, so please share it with me. Thank you!

Best regards,

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Jeanke van der Haar, Energy Transition | Smart Areas | District Heating & Cooling at ENGIE, posted

Job Opportunity: Digital disruption in the Smart City

Want to combine the freedom and creativity of a start-up environment with the knowledge and realisation power of a global player? Really make an impact?
Then we have a great opportunity for you!
ENGIE is partner of Amsterdam Smart City, and is transforming to a leading company in the Energy Transition. We are looking for a Solution Developer for the Smart Area market, working with the Smart Digital Solutions team.

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Lisa Storey, posted

Looking for work

Hi, I am looking for job opportunities in Amsterdam. My strengths include event and partnership management. I've been working for the past 5 years in the Fairtrade and Social enterprise sector in the UK and am now looking for opportunities in Amsterdam. I'm passionate about sustainability & ethical business and would appreciate any help on where to look for these types of roles. My native language is English and I'm currently learning Dutch.

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Seed Investment and accelerator for an APP project

Hi! We need to find seed or angel investment and an accelerator to start our project SOLCOMPANYAPP. We intend to open a business and a beta operation in Amsterdam.
Please, take a look at some details on the project (website below) and any ideas just talk to us.
We´re also open for partnerships. Let´s became partners in this project!
Website :

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Anonymous posted

Pitch & Win €1.000 - Calling for ideas and concepts in sustainable energy or energy saving

Together with Amsterdam &Co and OBA Amsterdam we are organising Het Ideeenlab#5: Energy. A pitch contest for Amsterdam residents and entrepreneurs with briliant ideas or innovations concerning sustainable energy or energy saving.

Sign up, pitch your idea and win €1.000,-
You can apply till June 12. via this link.

Het Ideeenlab #5: Energy takes place at June 29 at OBA Amsterdam.

Roel Swierenga, Director , posted

Contest Hansa Green Tour for Start-ups in energy transition that want to do business in Germany and Denmark

We zijn op zoek naar start-ups, jonge en innovatieve bedrijven met concrete producten of diensten die kunnen bijdragen aan het versnellen van de energietransitie en die zaken willen doen in Duitsland en Denemarken.

De energietransitie biedt grote kansen voor Nederland om samen met Duitsland en Denemarken te zoeken naar technische oplossingen en zakelijke kansen. Om samen te innoveren en technologie leiders te worden in de energietransitie. In deze energietransitie ligt Denemarken ver op kop in Europa en ook Duitsland is al veel verder met het aandeel duurzame energie in de totale energiemix. Hoog tijd voor Nederland om (opnieuw) aan te haken bij onze buren en Denemarken.

In de aankomende 8e editie van de Hansa Green Tour van 20 – 23 juni zal dit thema, en de kansen die de energietransitie biedt voor zowel bedrijven als overheden, centraal staan. Terug naar onze ‘roots’ van 500 jaar samenwerking in het Hanzeverbond. Op zoek naar nieuwe kansen voor grensoverschrijdende samenwerking in de nieuwe ‘Hansa’ regio.

We zijn op zoek naar start-ups in de energietransitie met een concreet product of dienst die zaken willen doen in Duitsland en Denemarken.

Hansa Green Tour stelt in samenwerking met GroeneZaken 1 gratis ticket voor deelname aan de Hansa Green Tour beschikbaar voor het beste idee, product of dienst. Motiveer jouw deelname aan deze prijsvraag en geef aan waarom jij denkt dat jouw product of dienst kan bijdragen aan het versnellen van de energietransitie en de samenwerking in de Hansa regio en wat je nodig hebt om jouw product of dienst succesvol aan te kunnen bieden in Duitsland en Denemarken.

De winnaar krijgt een gratis ticket voor deelname aan de Hansa Green Tour én de mogelijkheid om dit idee, product of dienst kort te presenteren op de netwerkwerkavonden in Duitsland en Denemarken.

Ga voor meer informatie over deze prijsvraag en om mee te doen naar de website van Groene Zaken:
De actie loopt tot 6 juni.


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Beth Massa, Ozarka B.V. , posted

Industrial designers with expertise in sustainable packaging

We are looking for industrial designers who can help us create reusable, collapsible, food-grade packaging made from sustainable materials. The packaging we are going to start with will consist mostly of glass, aluminum, biodegradable materials, sustainable paper and silicon.

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joe borza, CEO at Energy Elephant, posted

Test users wanted... - "Turn energy data into ACTION!"
We do not want people to click this link and create an account. We do not want you to upload some energy data and to give us feedback.

We're working off the principle of reverse psychology in case you have not guessed.

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Melchior Kanyemesha, Programmanagement + Energy Lead at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Innovatieve bouw- en installatiebedrijven in en rondom Amsterdam

In onze ambitieuze missie tot het grootschalig verduurzamen van de bestaande woningbouw in Amsterdam, zijn we op zoek naar innovatieve, eigenwijze pioniers binnen bouw- en installatiebedrijven. Wij willen graag hun expertise, kennis en vaardigheden benutten om middels kosteneffectieve oplossingen antwoord te bieden op technische uitdagingen en zo de wensen van bewoners en woningeigenaren tegemoet komen.

Wie kan ons in de juiste richting helpen?
Alvast bedankt!

M: 06-21916371

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Dominic M'Benga, posted

Partners to join a new Joint Venture in Holland

We are looking to relocate our unique I.P from the UK to Holland, as a result we are looking for partners to join a Joint Venture. This Joint Venture will receive an irrevocable license to the 4Navitas I.P and the ability to sell and manufacture the product for the European Market.
This would suit either existing engineering companies or groups of companies (an existing supply chain). see

Dillion Asher, Geoscience, Drone Photogrammetry , posted

Student seeks volunteer work opportunity

I am looking for three or four weeks of unpaid volunteer work in and around Amsterdam from July to mid-August, and want to reach out to anyone in need of project assistance. I am a masters student in International Development, with a professional interest in micro-sustainability and energy efficiency projects, who will be attending a certificate course in Rotterdam over the summer. I would very much like to extend my stay by performing volunteer work for a sustainability practitioner.

I would be happy to assist in any way, from unskilled labor to field data collection, so please feel free to contact me!

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Johannes von Dohnanyi, Journalist , posted

Journalist needs help

Smart City Amsterdam will feature prominently in the next issue of "Change" Magazin of the Germany based Bertelsmann Foundation. "Change" covers political, social and economic trends worldwide. This time Smart Cities will be at the core of our investigations.
"Energy, water and waste", but also Mobility, Infrastructure and Technology and Circular City will be important topics in my report on Amsterdam. But to do so, I will need the help of you, the local visionaires, movers and shakers.
From your perspective: What are currently the most ambitious, but also the most promising projects under way? Who are the people to talk to?
I will be in Amsterdam from Jan. 10 - 15, 2017.
Whoever wants to support me will be most welcome.
You may reach me on my e-mail address
or on my cell phone +49 173 522 4172
Thanks for your assistance
Johannes von Dohnanyi
Change Magazin

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Arif Fatehi, posted

Smart Waste Manager solution providers

The Consulate General of the Netherlands in Mumbai is exploring opportunities for Dutch companies to introduce Smart City solutions to India. Read a brief about it here :

Smart cities in Pune and across India are looking for solutions in :
1/ Garbage Bin Sensor and Management Solution
2/ RFID Tags and RFID Reader Solution ( RFID solution for bins and vehicle for tracking at various stages)
3/ Smart Card and Card Reader Solution ( Smart Card Reader on Vehicles and Reader capable to transmit the data)
4/ Weighing Sensor Management Solution ( RAMPS/Processing Plants/Bio-gas Plants)
Integrated Solid Waste Management Solution ( Software Solution to track bins/vehicle/sensor data end to end at Control room)

Please get in touch with me at with a brief of your company/solution to take this further

-Arif Fatehi

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Maike Pluijgers, Marketing & Communication at Greenspread, posted

Energiepioniers uit Amsterdam Nieuw-West!

Voor ons City-Zen Project "Virtual Power Plant" zijn wij nog steeds opzoek naar huishoudens in Amsterdam Nieuw-West met postcode 1060, 1066, 1068, 1069. Heeft u of wilt u zonnepanelen en wilt u mee doen aan een duurzaam uniek project in uw omgeving? Bekijk de website en lees de voorwaarden Meld u aan via

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Niels Groen in 't Wout, Student , posted

Duurzame VvE's


Vanuit de Hogeschool van Amsterdam doen wij, drie studenten, in samenwerking met Alliander een project in het kader van Smart Cities. In het project ‘De Duurzame VvE’ interviewen we een aantal Verenigingen van Eigenaren. We vragen hierbij naar hun ervaringen, successen in het bijzonder, en wat er beter had gekund tijdens de verduurzaming van die VvE. Daarbij richten wij ons op het besluitvormingsproces m.b.t. het treffen van isolerende maatregelen.

Wij zijn op zoek naar circa 10 VvE’s die dit proces succesvol hebben doorlopen.

Bent u of kent u een VvE (bestuur, beheerder)? Neem dan contact op met

Bedankt voor uw hulp!

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Annelies Van der Stoep, Strategic advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Are you retrofitting your building in an energy efficient way?

We love people who retrofit their homes and make them energy efficient. Those residential renovations can be supported via an EU subsidy.

But what about other buildings in our city? Do you know a school, community center, shop or office building that is being renovated to become very energy efficient? We would love to know those examples!

With this information we might be able to open up the subsidy to non residential buildings too! So leave a comment with your suggestions below.

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Reinier Siderius, Director at Sidcon B.V., posted

Brainstorm session

We have an installed base with underground compactors to collect waste in "stadsdeel Zuid", part of Amsterdam. We like to get ideas to find out what else we can do with the these machines. For that we would like to have a brainstorm session with inhabitants, students, etc, to find out.
Who can help us?

Reinier Siderius

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