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Vrusti kiri, smart city design student , posted

Seeking smart city employment opportunities

Hello everyone,
I am seeking employment opportunities within the urban solution and smart city community. I am really eager to get some experience and expand my knowledge in Digitalisation, energy revolution, E mobility, Mobility as a service, sensors, open data. From November onwards, I am available to join an exciting and innovative project which I could collaborate with you on!

I just completed a Master's in Smart City Design from Macromedia university of applied science, Berlin. My master thesis is about the Optimization of existing EV charging infrastructure. I have worked on projects with companies on the topic of digitalization of city, Car-free city, and the use of blockchain. All of the projects include solutions to the challenge, business proposal, and urban solution.

Any known opportunities or advice would be greatly appreciated. Please email me on vrusti.kiri@gmail.com for my resume. Thanks in advance:)!

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Kristina Gorr, Communications Manager at Mozilla Foundation, posted

MozFest Call for Session Proposals

MozFest is a unique hybrid: part art, tech and society convening, part maker festival, and the premiere gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world.
That’s why I’m excited to invite you and your community to participate in the first-ever virtual MozFest! Details and submission page here: mzl.la/proposals2021
Anyone can submit a session – you don’t need any particular expertise, just a great project or idea and the desire to collaborate and learn from festival participants. Submit your session idea today! Deadline is November 23: mzl.la/proposals2021

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Riccardo Brusori, Graduate in Business Administration (track Strategic Innovation Management) , posted

Looking for job opportunities related to smart city solutions

Hey there,
I am recently graduated student in Strategic Innovation Management from the University of Groningen. I am looking for a job related to business development or project management concerning smart city solutions. If you know about any vacancies available also for non Dutch speaking people (I am fluent in English, Spanish and Italian) feel free to reach me out. I am super motivated to start working in this area

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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Speaking opportunity at event 'How to Get People to Actually Use Contact Tracing Apps' - 3rd of September

The wait is almost over. On the 1st of September, the Netherlands will launch its own contact tracing app to combat COVID-19. In a few weeks time, all Dutch people will be able to use the Coronamelder. But, are people really waiting for this app? Usage is voluntary, however, it is often said that 60% of the population should use the app to ensure effectiveness. Will 60% of the Dutch install an app? What can the government and other stakeholders do to ensure high rates of adoption? And what lessons can we learn from other countries already using contact-tracing apps? Join the international exchange!

Amsterdam Smart City is organizing a Data Dilemmas event on this topic on the 3rd of September! More information can be found here: https://amsterdamsmartcity.com/events/how-to-get-people-to-actually-use-contact-tracing

Have you been involved in the development, testing or roll-out of a contact-tracing app for covid-19 and would you like to share you experience as a user or professional? Get in touch with Nancy via nancy@amsterdamsmartcity.com with a short explanation on how you would like to contribute to the discussion!

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Siddharth Daswani, posted

Participants needed for a fun virtual session about responsible technologies in public spaces.

Do you wish to live in a world where everything you do is being monitored by the government like the world described by George Orwell in his novel 1984 or how about be sent to jail before even committing a crime like in the movie and novel Minority Report? I think not then what kind of world do you want to live in? It is a fact that smart technologies are here and governments usage of them is an inevitable future and if we wish for them to use these technologies responsibly then we must first ourselves must know how they should be used. Come be part of a fun virtual session where I will help you reflect a bit on what you desire from your city and in turn, you help me a design master student with his graduation thesis. To participate you can fill this form: https://form.jotform.com/200902554050039 and for the information, you reach out to me

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Isabela Ledo, posted

App developer needed!

Hi everyone! I looking for a developer that could build an application for residents of a housing complex in Amsterdam. If you have experience with that please contact me! Thanks!

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Thomas Alflen, Co-Founder / CEO , posted

Wanted: Launching customer for AI SMART SURVEILLANCE

At Oddity.ai, we make video surveillance smart by recognizing violence, real-time. When violence occurs under the eye of the camera, an alert to the surveillance staff is being sent, so they can act accordingly. In the contemporary camera surveillance environment, a LOT is being missed, which we counter by applying our smart deep-learning algorithm.

We have demonstrated the effectiveness of our solution during a pilot in Eindhoven (Living Lab Stratumseind). Currently, we are still monitoring that location, with great results. We also accurately detected several fights which were missed by the surveillance staff (!)

When implemented, fights can be deescalated in an early stage, and perhaps even prevented.

We are now searching for a customer (police/municipality/Living Lab/etc.) that implements our solution in the surveillance room. It is already market-ready and privacy-compliant.

Oddity.ai is a university spinoff (Utrecht University) with three co-founders and two employees. We are based in Utrecht, but flexible to implement anywhere in The Netherlands. Please contact me (Thomas Alflen, co-founder and director of Oddity.ai) if you would like to know more!

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Marion ter Welle, Senior Researcher , posted

Telecompaper 5G Innovation Challenge - inschrijving geopend!

5G Innovation Challenge op 28 November - op zoek naar het beste 5G idee!

Heb je een goed idee waar je 5G goed voor kunt of moet gebruiken? Meld je dan aan!
Telecompaper biedt je een platform: de 5G Innovation Challenge op 28 November, als onderdeel van Telecompaper's congres over 5G. Het congres heeft als thema 'De impact van 5G op Nederland' en we zijn dan ook op zoek naar ideeën of producten of oplossingen die dmv 5G een positieve bijdrage aan de Nederlandse economie/maatschappij kunnen leveren.

Op ons congres krijg je de kans om aan een divers publiek je product/oplossing te laten zien en tevens te netwerken met deelnemers uit vele verschillende sectoren, zoals de overheid, telecom operators, consultancies, investeerders en de media.

Zie https://www.telecominsights.nl/#InnovationChallenge voor de inschrijvings criteria.

Voor vragen bel Marion ter Welle op 030-6349663 of mail naar feedback@telecompaper.com

Met vriendelijke groeten
Marion ter Welle

Sam Smits, Trainee 5G , posted

KPN 5G Consumer Challenge

Will you join us in the 5G Challenge?

The future mobile 5G network is more than a faster version of the usual 3G and 4G wireless technologies. In addition to improved bandwidth, 5G has a lower latency (the delay in communication between devices), better security options and more powerful antenna concepts and a much higher capacity. Where 4G connected for people, 5G will connect society.

Will you join us in the challenge?
You are a start-up with the skills to connect society. We - the Johan Cruijff Arena, City of Amsterdam, Capgemini/Sogeti and KPN - challenge you to design and pitch a compelling service/application for consumers using 5G capabilities.

For more information and to sign up for the challange visit:

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Anonymous posted

WANTED: Launching customer for AI audio analysis project with Google, ML6 and SensorTeam

Google, ML6 and SensorTeam are joining forces and are looking for your help

We have started a proof of concept to recognize sound by expanding our cutting edge wireless sensor-technology with AI based audio analysis models from ML6.

SensorTeam’s IoT SoundSensor™ is an extremely accurate and cheap sound sensor which is solar powered, LoRaWAN compliant and LTE-M ready. This plug-and-play outdoor sensor runs autonomously anywhere in the world.

Sound recognition from regular ambient noise can be interesting for many reasons:

- Smart maintenance and Industry application
- Social noise disturbances from festivals, events or terrasses
- Public safety: gunshots, explosives, angry crowds
- Noise impact of airplanes, trains or highways
- Indoor noise solutions (office, security)
- Your idea here ;)

Interested in our technology or a mutually beneficial collaboration with Google/ML6 and SensorTeam? Do you have a relevant use case for our technology? Please contact us by sending an email to info@sensorteam.io.

Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Pitch your sensing initiative in Datalab this Thursday!

In the last couple of years, there were plenty of inspiring local initiatives measuring and sensing issues, such as air quality, water quality and amounts of people. What were the results of these experiments and projects?

On the 6th of June, Amsterdam Smart City hosts 'Data Dilemma's: Sensing the City' in Datalab. Several bottom-up initiatives will present themselves, share the data they collected and tell you about the challenges they encountered. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/smart-data-smart-city-data-dilemmas-2-sensing-the-city-tickets-61992657708

And you can be part of the program!

Do you have an initiative that can measure air quality, water quality, smell or something else? Let us know and you might get this last-minute chance to pitch on stage!

Drop a line below or send an e-mail to Nancy, via nancy@amsterdamsmartcity.com.

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Wendolijn Beukers, Project manager , posted

Wanted: pitches of smart city solutions for digital twins

Do you have a smart city solution for digital twins? Pitch your product or service on 5 September 2019 in Antwerp (Belgium)!

On 5 September 2019 Economic Board Utrecht (EBU) and Future City Foundation organise the Networking excursion Digital Twin to Antwerp (Belgium) for administrators with delegation leader Klaas Verschuure (alderman for the Municipality of Utrecht). We want to learn about the possibilities of a digital twin for municipalities and provinces.

To bring supply and demand together and share knowledge, we offer tech companies and data experts the opportunity to pitch their smart city solution for an audience of 40 administrators and the top of municipalities and provinces from the Netherlands. Interested parties can register their pitch until 10 July 2019.

What kind of pitches are we looking for?
- Smart city solutions for that municipalities or provinces face (physical, social and economic)
- Successful smart city projects or experiences from local governments which are interesting for other municipalities or provinces.
- Innovative smart city business ideas from smart entrepreneurs, app builders or other techs.

There is room for 15 pitches, participation is without charge and possible until 10 July 2019. Pitches can be given in Dutch or English.

Interested? Check our website for more information and to register: https://future-city.nl/pitches-antwerp-eng/

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Anuradha Sharma, Management Consultant , posted

Looking for a job opportunity in the areas of smart cities / digital transformation

I am a Smart Cities Consultant, actively looking for opportunities in the areas of Smart Cities, Digital Transformation, Livable Cities, Sustainable Development, Urban Mobility, ICT/ IoT, Strategy Planning, Project Management, Urban Management, Urban Economic Development, Urban Governance, Feasibility Studies, Technical Research, and Development.
I hold a Masters degree from Germany with specialization in Urban Agglomerations. I would be happy to hear from you pointing out at any leads or opportunities.
Thanks in advance,
Kind Regards,

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Arpad Gerecsey, Director/Chief Innovation Officer/Board member at A Lab Amsterdam, posted

Seeking programmers for social good to help identify disinformation campaigns around EU elections.

Do you care deeply about democracy and the freedom of individual citizens to access unbiased information? Do you want to help analyze and understand disinformation campaigns around the European Election?

The Amsterdam Working Group on Disinformation is looking for volunteers with experience in one or more of the following skills:
Python, JavaScript, Data Analysis, Web Development.

We are a volunteer-based collective based in Amsterdam’s A Lab committed to assisting the general public in better understanding the threat disinformation poses to civil participation in democratic processes.

Our data processing team is seeking contributors who are willing to participate in the data analysis process that supports investigative journalism and shed light on the spread of disinformation in Europe.

If you have a minimum of one day a week, would like to work with an amazing group of journalists, researchers, anthropologists, data scientists, and creatives in a very inspiring environment, then please contact Árpád Gerecsey, arpad@a-lab.nl

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Julie Chenadec, Relationship Development Manager at Aknostic, posted

Green IT Amsterdam Region is hiring a new Project Manager to join the team! (vacancy closed)

Do IT, sustainability and energy grab your interest? Would you like to be involved in a organisation whose main ambition is to achieve sustainable targets for the Amsterdam region? Enjoy working with technology innovation European projects in a flexible environment?

We are looking for a self-motivated and proactive project manager, with an academic background and several years of experience in research and innovation projects, taking place both at European level and Amsterdam Region level. In this position, you are required to have the ability of managing various activities in parallel and capable of working autonomously.

The successful candidate will work directly in multiple domains and sectors such as companies active in Smart Cities, Smart Grids, but also data centers, research oriented organizations and government institutions.

We are looking for a dedicated individual who will fit with our collaborative culture. If you enjoy working and connecting with other professionals who believe in sustainable innovation, we encourage you to apply.

Interested? Please send contact Robbert Hoeffnagel
robbert.hoeffnagel@greenitamsterdam.nl or +31651282040

“Green IT Amsterdam makes the energy and sustainability transition possible using smart IT solutions for the Amsterdam region”

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Barbora Kudzmanaite, posted

Looking for innovative and impactful IT solutions for public administrations

Do you want to become the next public sector digital champion? Submit your solution for the World Sharing and Reuse Awards by 28 February 2019!

On 29 November, Mariya Gabriel, ​​the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society officially launched the Sharing & Reuse Awards 2019. The contest will highlight the most innovative and impactful IT solutions for public administrations (both open source software and IT shared services).

The prizes that can be won are € 15 000 for the first team and € 10 000 for the runner-up in each of these 4 categories:
Most innovative open source software
Open source software with the biggest impact on citizens or businesses
Most innovative shared IT services (commonly developed or shared)
Shared IT services (commonly developed or shared) with the biggest impact on citizens or businesses

The Sharing and Reuse Awards will take place on 29 June, 2019 in Bucharest, Romania. If you would like to become a contestant in the awards, you can submit your solution before 28 February 2019.

Read more and propose your solution here: https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/collection/sharing-and-reuse-it-solutions/sharing-reuse-awards-2019

Ben Laarhoven, Unit Manager Public , posted

Smart City Portal, will you join?

We are looking for our "Best Practice Portal" for content in our (currently most in Dutch) Smart City Portal, where cities, supliers and unions of government (like VNG) are publishing content.
Our dream is an appstore with governmental standard processes, customer journeys etc.
For more info: https://www.mavim.nl/nieuws/smart-city-portal

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Rob Hoefnagel, Director , posted

Business Consultant Urban Science

Hi there, we're looking for a Business Consultant Urban Science who can lead our data science team in development of our AI driven propositions in Mobility, Public Service and Energy. Do you have experience with digitalization in this rapid developing world? A motivator, inspirator and the one our clients need help from in becoming a more data driven organization with our AI solutions? Than you’re the one for us! We are a startup within the enterprise Axians organization, located in the B-building in Amsterdam. With our data science team we are improving our city. Thinking this could be a match? Drop me an email on rob.hoefnagel@axians.com and lets meet!

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Giovanni Stijnen, Senior program & business developer at NEMO Kennislink, posted

Looking for: Digital City Experts for Inscience Festival

NEMO Kennislink verzorgt dit jaar een NEMO City Lab evenement tijdens het Inscience festival in Nijmegen. https://www.insciencefestival.nl/. Jaarthema van Inscience 2018 is AI. Inscience is een kwalitatief hoogstaand festival met (inter) nationale gasten en sprekers.

We zoeken experts - bij voorkeur op het gebied van AI in de stad – die willen deelnemen in onze activiteiten. Dat kan zijn als spreker in onze mini colleges of expert bij verschillende interactieve discussie formats. NEMO City Lab is laagdrempelig, speels en gericht op het betrekken van burgers bij stedelijke vraagstukken.

Inscience 2017 aftermovie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBEhnDOjtss

Wat we vragen
Je gaat als expert onder begeleiding van ons team met bezoekers van het festival in gesprek over AI in de stad. Dat gebeurt op zaterdag 10 en zondag 11 november. Het programma duurt 4 uur en loopt naar verwachting van van 12 – 16 uur. Je bent niet 4 uur continue bezig, er is voldoende ruimte voor pauzes.

Wat we bieden
Wij voorzien je van lunch, koffie en thee. Je krijgt een festival pas waarmee je toegang hebt tot het festival. We bieden geen gages, wel een klein bedankje, reiskosten vergoeding en mocht het nodig zijn kunnen wij overnachting in Nijmegen voorzien.
Verder zorgen wij voor vermelding van alle deelnemers en hun organisaties in promotie uitingen en reportages.

Heb je interesse? Stuur dan vóór 8 okt. een mail o.v.v. Expert AI Inscience naar Giovanni Stijnen: Stijnen@e-nemo.nl

Wat is NEMO City Lab: bekijk hier een sfeerimpressie van een eerdere editie.

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Tomo Kihara, Creative Coder at Waag, posted

Looking for play-testers @ Escape the Smart City

Hello, this is Tomo Kihara, design student graduating from TU Delft.
I am looking for play-testers for my graduation project: Escape the Smart City
It is an escape-room style game where participants have to escape from smart AI surveillance in the city.

It is on September 24, Monday 16:00 - 17:30 at Waag (Niewmarkt 4), 10 minutes from Amsterdam Central.

If interested please contact me.
I work a lot with urban playful intervention and check my other stuff here : www.tomokihara.com

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