Building Circular Food Systems

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In celebration of Dutch Circular Economy Week (15-19 January), Metabolic is offering two Masterclasses from our suite of sustainability education programs at a discounted rate. On Wed 17th January, we invite you to take part in Building Circular Food Systems. (Note: spaces are limited)

The global food system is broken. Learn from the experts about the root causes and how systems can guide us to alternative and resilient agriculture practices.

Unsustainable agricultural practices and their impact on the environment are global drivers of climate change, biodiversity loss, and future food insecurity. In 2015, Metabolic published the Global Food System Analysis, offering a comprehensive overview of how our food system operates. Yet it can be difficult to translate today.

This Masterclass is relevant for a range of individuals and organizations, including progressive industry groups and city delegations. We'll take you through the food system and help you apply the lessons. We use our own experience, such as developing polydomes, aquaponics systems and a food forest, to highlight living examples and pitfalls of urban agriculture. And we share our experience working with cities, regions and industry leaders on developing transformative strategies around food.

What you leave with:
- Systemic understanding or why we need to change the food system.
- Concrete interventions that actually make a difference when implemented.
- Inspiration of alternative agriculture systems that cut through the hype.

Metabolic is a consulting and venture building company that uses systems to tackle major sustainability challenges. Our overarching mission is to transition the global economy to a fundamentally sustainable and circular state. We provide strategies and tools, crunch data, create new technologies, build pilots and scale up innovations. Headquartered in Amsterdam, we have an international and interdisciplinary team working with governments, businesses, and non-profits around the world. We have developed our Masterclasses to take our work to a wider audience, enabling more people to act sustainably.

This Masterclass is part of a suite of educational programs run by Metabolic, providing you with the knowledge and skills to understand and act on the most fundamental principles of sustainability. Led by our expert consultants, the half-day class combines both theory and practical elements, backed up by live case studies, and you can start applying these concepts immediately. The sesssion is held at Metabolic Lab, our playground of applied sustainability at De Ceuvel.

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